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Introducing Zaza of Canada's Vintage Buttons, we have a wide array of different and widely unique vintage buttons. We have a total of seven different unique types of Vintage buttons, with a total combination of 211 different and unique vintage buttons that are on sale as of this moment.

Firstly, we have our glass buttons, which serve unique style Czech glass buttons, fancy buttons, sewing buttons, heart buttons, and vintage glass buttons. Some examples of the vintage glass buttons we sell are red glass buttons, rare antique lass buttons, and star-shaped buttons. If you have a wild imagination and enjoying brightening up your life, this collection is for you. Next, we have Rhinestone buttons, which are suited for those with immense creativity and an attraction to colorfulness. Some examples of Rhinestone buttons we have on sale are Butterfly Crystal buttons, Shoe decorations, and fancy buttons. Next, we have Brooches and Pins, which are perfect for those who wish to shine and stand out, some examples of our Brooches and Pins collection vintage buttons we have on sale are the Sherman Brooch, the blue glass brooch vintage, the sparkly broach jewelry, and the vintage brooch flower. Next, we have the Embellishments collections, which have a nice collection of bowtie buttons, elegant buttons, big floral buttons, and extra-large buttons. Our most attractive and eye-grabbing collection is the Rhinestone brooches, which have a large margin of sparkling vintage buttons such as the blue glass brooch vintage button, the apparel embellishments, the aurora Borealis brooch, the Sherman brooch, and the vintage crystal brooch. Altogether, we have multiple different beautiful vintage buttons that are surely likely to grab your eye and guaranteed to be a worthy purchase. If you are interested in looking at our full collection to see what we have to offer in full, please visit us at