Glass buttons, rhinestone buttons, vintage brooches and jewelry supply.

Welcome to our collection of Czech glass buttons & rhinestone buttons.
If your creativity has no limits, you love flashy and wildly colorful jewellery, our charming collection of buttons, brooches, charms and beads for jewelry making is for you!
Add a pop of color to your creation with our decorative jewelry supply!

Unique buttons for clothing and jewelry making

Are you growing tired of your wardrobe?

Welcome to our collection of unique buttons for clothing and jewelry making!

Do you want to impress your friends with your unique fashion sense? Would you like to spice up your style, but you don’t know where to begin?


Never fear! Our beautiful buttons are an easy and inexpensive way to add a pop of color to any outfit.

Our buttons come in all kinds of colors, sizes, and styles.

Explore our colorful glass buttons and our sparkly rhinestone buttons!

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How to upcycle clothes

How to upcycle clothes with buttons - Coming soon!

How to upcycle clothes with buttons by Zaza of Canada


Many people own clothing that is in good condition, yet they do not wear it.  Perhaps it seems outdated or is simply not exciting. This clothing can become an integral part of the wardrobe again with a little creativity.  While a garment may be recut or restyled by a skilled tailor or dressmaker, often all it takes are some new buttons or trim to make old clothes look new again.

Suit jackets are garments most likely to benefit from a change of buttons. An off-the-rack suit will usually have either standard metal buttons or colored buttons that blend in with the suit fabric.  A carefully selected set of new buttons can turn a simple front closure into a fashion accessory.  Use buttons as you would jewelry, to enhance appearance, add some sparkle, or pick up a color hidden in a plaid or print fabric. Fancy buttons for ladies’ suits? Yes!  


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How to Make Kentucky Derby Hats

How to Make Kentucky Derby Hats

Embellishing a hat can be effortless. Here is how you can take your hats to another level with glass and diamante flower buttons. Click for more.

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how to embellish a top

How to Embellish a Top

Add uniqueness and flair to your top by embellishing it with buttons. It’s the perfect way to express your personality.

 What You Need to Get Started

To get started, all you need is a needle, thread, scissors, an old top, and buttons of your choice. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, sewing buttons isn’t as difficult as it looks. All you need is a good YouTube tutorial and you’ll be good to go. Just ensure you have ample lighting so you’re able to see what you’re doing.


how to embellish a plain black dress


Picking Out the Right Buttons

There is no right and wrong when it comes to fashion so let your inner designer out and pick out the buttons that you think will go well with your top. You have a wide variety of options such as large decorative buttons, fancy buttons, and novelty buttons.

· Decorative buttons – These buttons are far from plain and have designs made on them. They’re great if you like patterns and want something a little extra.

· Fancy buttons – Fancy buttons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they go beyond decorative buttons and are perfect for spicing up an outfit.

· Novelty buttons – these are graphic buttons known for being cute and stylish such as sunflower buttons

Final Thoughts

Learning how to embellish a top is a great way to turn your old boring clothes into new and stylish ones. You’ll not only save yourself money on buying something new but you’ll also be saving the environment by repurposing your old clothes. It also makes for a great hobby that you could potentially turn into a business if people like what you make.



fancy embellishments
where to buy embellishments for clothing


 buttons sewing canada


how to embellish a denim jacket




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How to Make Jewelry With Buttons: 10 Fun and Easy Projects

How to Make Jewelry With Buttons: 10 Fun and Easy Projects

The best way to make use of all those extra buttons you've saved over the years is to make jewelry with buttons! Check out these 10 projects and get inspired!



jewelry with buttons


 If you love crafting, then odds are you have stockpiles of your favorite crafting supplies. Countless spools of ribbon? Check. Piles of fabric and felt? Check. Bins of buttons? Check again. 

Sometimes you may not even need it for a project you're working on. You'll see a super cute vintage button out in the wild and have to have it. What do you do when your button collection starts to take over your craft room? Make jewelry, of course!

Never thought of using a button other than on a shirt? That's okay - we've got tons of ideas for making jewelry with buttons. Get ready to take your jewelry game to the next level using adorable rhinestone, vintage, or even glass buttons. 

Check out our top 10 easy projects to learn how to make jewelry with buttons. 

Creating Jewelry with Buttons

Buttons may not be your go-to product when making jewelry, but they can be very unique. Button styles aren't limited to the type you find on blouses or button-up shirts. Old fashioned buttons can make a bold statement piece of jewelry. 

Create one of a kind jewelry using a variety of buttons and supplies that you already have on hand. Beautiful jewelry can be made in less than an hour with these fun and easy projects. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Vintage Necklace

For this necklace, you will need vintage buttons, pliers, satin ribbon, scissors, faux leather, a hot glue gun, and beads. 

This project is very straightforward. Layout your buttons in the pattern you want, filling in empty spaces with the beads as an embellishment. If you don't have enough vintage buttons on hand, you can find some in specialty shops online

Cut a piece of the faux leather big enough to fit your buttons, glue the strip of ribbon to the back, and then glue the buttons onto the fabric. Make sure you've trimmed the back of the buttons, so they lie flat. 

After you've glued your buttons and beads on, trim the extra fabric near the edges of the buttons. Tie the ribbon around your neck, and you have a fabulous vintage necklace!

Button Bracelet 

This simple project only needs a few supplies: 1/4" or 3/8" elastic, a needle and thread, and buttons.

Start by choosing the buttons you'd like for your bracelet. Choose a single color palette to go with or mix it up for a funky look! Wrap the elastic loosely around your wrist and cut to size with a little extra for overlap. Then, sew the ends together. 

The next step is to start sewing your buttons onto the elastic band. Have the buttons overlap a bit, so you don't see the elastic. Continue to add the buttons until your elastic band is full. That's it! Your fantastic button bracelet can be ready to go in under 30 minutes. 

Vintage Ring

Choose from one of your extra large buttons to make a beautiful statement piece to pair with any outfit. The supplies are super simple as you need a vintage button, a ring base, glue, and a pair of scissors.

First, remove the backing off of the back of the button with the scissors. Apply some glue to the back of the button and stick it to the ring base, applying pressure. Then, you're done! Use a similar button that you used in your vintage necklace to make a beautiful jewelry set. 

Stud Earrings 

These stud earrings can be made with fabric or adorable rhinestone buttons, and they're so easy! The supplies you need are two buttons, pliers, glue, and earring posts.

The first thing you need to do for these earrings is to use pliers to cut the backing off the back of the button. Then, glue the button onto the earring posts, and ta-da! You have an adorable pair of earrings in a few minutes. 

If you don't want to buy new earring posts, then reuse an old pair of earrings. Either glue the button directly onto the old earring or pry it off. Easy peasy! 

Layered Button Necklace

To make this necklace, you only need two buttons, 24 gauge or thinner wire, wire cutters, jewelry bail, jewelry glue, and a necklace chain. 

Make sure you pick one small and one large button. Thread your wire through the holes of both buttons, securing the wire tightly on the back. After you trim the wire, glue the jewelry bail to the back and let it dry. 

Thread your necklace chain through the jewelry bail, and your necklace is complete! Mix and match different patterns and colors to create your own collection of necklaces. 


vintage button jewelry

Dangly Earrings

The supplies you need for a pair of whimsical dangly earrings are fabric buttons, ear wires, paper clips, wire cutters, and hot glue.

Use the wire cutters to remove the backing from your buttons. Then, clip off the top part of the paperclip. It should look like a long and skinny U shape. Glue the paper clip to the back of the button. Don't burn yourself!

After that, open the end of the ear wire, slip it around the paperclip, and then twist it back shut. Hang your button dangly earrings with pride in your collection of jewelry. 

Button Bobby Pins

Who says you can't have jewelry for your hair? For this project, you will need bobby pins, buttons, and a strong adhesive.

In this craft, you won't be cutting the loop off the back of the button. Slide that up through the top bar of the bobby pin. If the hole on the back of the button is too big, try sliding the entire bobby pin through the loop.

Put a bit of glue to the button and bobby pin and apply some pressure while the glue sets, but not so much that the button slides out of place. Make sure the glue has dried fully before putting it in your hair. You might not want to have this button bobby pin as a permanent piece on your head!

Vintage Bracelet

Grab some more of the leftover vintage buttons from your necklace and scissors, a hot glue gun, and a plain metal bracelet or bangle. 

Cut the backing off all the buttons. Feel free to mix and match different sizes of buttons. Glue the buttons onto the bracelet, but be careful. The metal can get hot using a hot glue gun. 

And just like that, your bracelet is complete! Make several in coordinating styles so you can stack them for a funky look. 


You can never go wrong with a brooch, and you can easily make one at home with a button, scissors, pen, felt, a hot glue gun, and a brooch pin.

A brooch can be made with any type of button, even a bunch of small ones. If you're looking to make a statement piece, check out an extra-large Czech glass button. Trace a circle on the felt to fit the size you need, gluing the button onto the felt. 

Cut out around the border of the button, then hot glue the brooch pin to the back.  Pin it to an elegant black dress the next time you go out for a timeless look. 

Button Cuff Bracelet

This easy craft is made from a chunky piece of elastic and whatever type of buttons you'd like, along with a thread and needle and a pair of scissors. 

Measure your wrist to make sure you cut a long enough piece of elastic. Add a bit extra to the end for overlapping. Sew the ends together either by hand or with a sewing machine. Then, start adding in your buttons!

You can use all the same style of button or mix and match for a fun and funky look. All you have to do is sew them on with whatever color of thread you want to use. The more colorful, the better! Make as many bracelets as you'd like - the possibilities are endless. 


button jewelry

Time to Get Crafting

Making jewelry with buttons is quick and easy. You can create a whole collection of pieces in the time of a single afternoon. Go with vintage buttons and make classy statement pieces or grab a handful of candy-colored buttons to create some whimsical earrings with a matching bracelet. 

If you're looking for vintage, rhinestone, or even Czech glass buttons, visit the Zaza of Canada shop to explore all the buttons we have in stock. Sign up for our mailing list and newsletter to stay up to date with what's going on in our shop.

We can't wait to see the wonderful pieces you create! 


buttons for sale
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Dress It up With Fancy Buttons

Dress It up With Fancy Buttons

Are you tired of your wardrobe? You don't have to buy a whole new set of outfits — you can simply use fancy buttons to upgrade your collection!


 Dress It up With Fancy Buttons

Fancy buttons



Young people are taking to DIY fashion, repurposing, and upcycling in a way that is both exciting and unprecedented. With rising interests in spending wisely, shopping ethically, and creating 100% unique looks, it's no wonder that clothing has become the focus of this DIY fervor.

Having said that, there's no reason that you have to develop full-blow seamstress skills to participate in the fun! If you're looking for quick, cost-effective, and unique ways to spice up the wardrobe you already have, you've come to the right place.

Fancy buttons are a great way to turn your tired pieces into fashionable staples. With some great buttons and basic sewing skills, you can create some show-stopping looks.

Not sure where to start? Read on for our guide to enhancing your apparel with gorgeous fancy buttons!


How to Sew Fancy Buttons


How to Sew Fancy Buttons

First, let's talk about the easy-to-master skill of sewing fancy buttons onto any piece of clothing. Our fancy buttons are one-hole buttons, also known as shank buttons.

You will need:

  • A needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Fancy buttons
  • The garment you're going to dress up

Thread your needle and pull it through to double it. You want a tail that's at least ten inches long (which is twenty inches of thread, total). When you have a long enough tail, cut your thread and knot the two ends together two or three times so that it doesn't pull through your fabric.

With your free hand, hold your fancy button in place. You can decide before you start sewing where each button should go.

Push your needle through the underside of the fabric directly next to the buttonhole and pull until the knot catches against the fabric. Then, push the needle through the buttonhole and back into the fabric on the other side. Make sure you're not pushing the needle back through the hole you just made, but keep them close together.

Repeat this process until your thread is looped through the buttonhole at least five times. 

Finally, push the needle through the fabric so that it is on the underside of the fabric. Find one of the loops of thread you've created in the sewing process and use it to tie off the end of your thread. You will want to make two or three knots this way to secure the button.  


Fancy Button Inspiration

Each year, the average Canadian throws out 81 pounds of textiles, making the fashion world a source of waste. Sometimes, we feel the urge to get rid of our clothing not because they're worn out but because we're tired of them. Let's take a look at three fun and easy ways that you can breathe new life into the clothing you have!

Turn a Plain Cami or Shirt Into a Statement Piece

We tend to buy plain camis or t-shirts to pair with other pieces. However, with the help of fancy buttons, we can turn those plain camis and t-shirts into their very own staples that will freshen up our wardrobe!

For example, sew a cluster of these crystal rhinestone buttons on to the sleeves of a t-shirt or down the strap of a cami for a fashionable military effect. 

Use these sewing charms to create a pattern in the center of the chest area of a shirt or off to the side on a breast pocket. Five of them sewn in a circle with their points facing inward would make an adorable flower shape!

Sew one of these bow-shaped glass buttons in the center of your collar for a cheeky vintage look.

These are just a few of the many ways that you could use fancy buttons to spruce up a plain cami or t-shirt. If you're feeling extra bold, you could even apply these same ideas to a patterned shirt!

Give a Skirt Some Asymmetrical Intrigue

Do you have a pencil skirt that isn't bringing you joy anymore? Are you tired of wearing that same silhouette over and over again? Adding some asymmetry to an otherwise symmetrical piece is a great way to add visual intrigue to your wardrobe.

You can use just about any fancy button collection to pull off this DIY makeover. We love to imagine these green glass buttons adding a pop of color to a black skirt! 

To pull off the asymmetrical design, you may want to start by putting the skirt on. Then, find a spot that's about halfway between the front center mark and the side of your hip. Mark that area with a fabric pen or safety pin, take the skirt off, and start sewing!

You can either create a straight vertical line of buttons or kick things up a notch and create a diagonal line that moves inward as the buttons move down the skirt. For the best results, leave about one to two inches between each button and use three to four buttons in total. 

Update a Sweater With Fancy Buttons

Sometimes, an old sweater just needs some new buttons. Pick out your favorite fancy buttons and grab a pair of scissors to start replacing.

First, cut the thread from the original buttons, taking care not to cut the fabric. You should be able to see where the original buttons were sewn on, but mark those spots with a fabric pen or safety pins if you can't.

Then, simply replace the old buttons with your new buttons! Remember, if you want to be able to button the sweater up, you'll need to make sure your new buttons aren't too big or small for the existing buttonholes. If you prefer wearing your sweater unbuttoned, this is less of a concern.

How Will You Use Fancy Buttons?

We hope you've found the DIY clothing makeover you were looking for to refresh your wardrobe! Now, all you need are some fancy buttons and some basic sewing materials to create one-of-a-kind looks.

For more fashion upgrades, take a look at our entire collection at zazaofcanada. On top of our vast fancy button collection, we offer broaches, jewelry, and other vintage staples that are sure to impress!


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How To Upgrade Old Clothes

How To Upgrade Old Clothes

How To Upgrade Old Clothes

How To Upgrade Old Clothes
diy vintage clothing ideas

6 Tips for Upgrading Your Old Clothes


“I have nothing to wear!”


We’ve all had those days when we stare at our closets and think these five words. If you feel like it’s time for a wardrobe refresh, you might be tempted to buy all new items. But did you know there are many easy ways to upgrade your old clothes, without having to spend much money at all? Embellishing, altering, and accessorizing the wardrobe you already have can be fun and affordable. It’s also more sustainable and eco-friendly than buying new clothes entirely and feeding into the fast fashion cycle.


At Zaza of Canada, we have a variety of buttons and one-of-a-kind jewelry that can help you take your style to the next level. So, we’ve compiled a list of ideas and tips that will help you upgrade your old clothes. With our advice, you’ll never have to think “I have nothing to wear” again!


How To Upgrade Old Clothes


Do you have an old maxi dress or evening gown that you never wear? Sometimes, we’ll hang on to our old dresses for nostalgia’s sake, but we won’t have the right occasion to wear them again. By hemming a long dress into a mini dress, you’ll have a new piece of clothing that feels more casual, versatile, and great for warmer seasons. Alternatively, you can make a skirt or dress longer by adding a ruffle to the bottom. For a more subtle change, try adding a fun piece of ribbon or lace to the hem. Shortening the hem length is also a way to upgrade an old coat into a new cropped style. While these methods of upgrading require some sewing, they’re fairly simple changes to make. In fact, they’re so simple that a sewing machine isn’t even necessary if you’re comfortable with sewing by hand. 


dresser upgrade diy

This is the easiest option on the list, because no sewing is required. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how a simple accessory can change an entire outfit. For example, to elevate a plain black dress, you can throw on a bold statement necklace or a pair of dangly earrings. Or, you can try stacking bracelets and chunky rings with an old silk blouse. Hair accessories, like hats, scarves, and pins, are also other easy ways for achieving effortless style. Every time you try out a different combination of jewelry, you’ll have an entirely new look, even if your clothes are the same. Feel free to get creative with it, too – there’s no limit when it comes to experimenting with accessories!


Looking for a place to start? Zaza of Canada has all sorts of unique and vintage jewelry, from large brooches to stylish hair pins.

 diy sewing projects for gifts

This is another choice that doesn’t require sewing. Whether you’re adding a patch to the back pocket of your jeans, ironing a flower on to the pocket of a t-shirt, or adding some ribbon to the hem of your pants, there are plenty of great iron-on options that can breathe new life into your old clothes. If you’d like, you can sew on top of the iron-ons to add an extra layer of reinforcement, but this isn’t necessary if you’re looking for a quick fix.


 diy sewing project ideas

Cropping your tops is an especially great option for the warmer months. Maybe you have an oversized sweatshirt or a flowy men’s button-down. By taking away some fabric, you can create something with a new and stylish silhouette. Even dresses can be turned into tops – and evening dresses make an especially great choice for a fancy top. 

 what to do with old clothes

 large buttons for sewing

Swapping out the buttons on your coat or blouse is another way to make an old piece feel new again. This works for both statement buttons and more simple sewing buttons. If you’re looking for statement options, our Bohemian glass buttons come in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes, and the intricate designs offer a beautiful and unique way to upgrade your clothes. Alternatively, sewing small buttons along the hem or collar of a shirt can add a more delicate embellishment. For something more flashy, you can bedazzle a purse, shoes, or belt with rhinestone buttons. These simple touches are affordable, and they also offer a lot of room for creativity and experimentation. If you’re not already crafty, they’re an easy way to get started making, mending, and designing your own clothes. 


iron on bling for jeans

Jeans are the perfect choice for craft projects because they offer a large blank slate to work with. Maybe you’d like to pick up some fabric paint and cover your jeans in your own unique design. Or maybe you have a talent for embroidery and want to embellish with some zig zags, polkadots, or flowers using a needle and thread. Other options for refreshing jeans include iron-ons, patches, rhinestones, and tassels or ribbons for the hems. Of course, you can always crop them in to a pair of new shorts as well, or even a pair of billowy culottes. Getting creative with your old jeans is always a fun project and can help make them feel more up-to-date. 

 large jeweled buttons


 iron on patches for distressed jeans

If you’re ready to upgrade your old clothes, our selection of one-of-a-kind jewelry, Bohemian glass buttons, sewing buttons, rhinestone buttons, and other accessories are a great place to start. Plus, our vintage inventory is highly unique, so your style sure to stand out wherever you go. We’re excited to help you on your wardrobe refresh journey!





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Great Gift Ideas for Jewelry Makers

5 Great Gift Ideas for Jewelry Makers

Gift Ideas for Jewelry Makers



5 Great Gift Ideas for Jewelry Makers

As the days begin to grow shorter and the weather begins to cool off, you might be starting to think about the holiday season. After all, it’s never too early to get a head start on your shopping, so you can avoid that last-minute holiday rush. Or maybe you’re just looking for gift ideas for someone special in your life, whether it be a mother, grandmother, friend, partner, aunt, or cousin.


Whatever the reason or season, if you’re looking for gifts for jewelry makers and people who love getting crafty, you’ve come to the right place! At Zaza of Canada, we offer a wide variety of buttons and brooches that are perfect for creating beautiful jewelry, and we’re happy to send our special treasures all around the world.  


Our list of gift ideas for jewelry makers includes buttons, tools, and other great items that jewelry makers need for crafting their dazzling jewelry designs.


Czech Glass Buttons

These unique vintage buttons come straight from the Czech Republic, a country with a long tradition of expert button-making. The intricate and ornate designs make these the perfect choice for a jewelry maker who’s interested in crafting vintage-style bracelets or embellishing a hat. They also look beautiful as the centerpiece of a bohemian necklace. Czech glass buttons are a great gift choice for jewelry makers, because they’re not commonly found in your average craft store. They offer so many opportunities for creativity and experimentation – the jewelry maker in your life will be sure to thank you!

where to buy buttons near me


Jewelry-Making Pliers

Of course, you can have the most beautiful buttons and brooches in the world, but if you don’t have the right tools, you won’t be able to create any jewelry! That’s why we’ve added jewelry-making pliers to our list. There are so many different kinds to choose from – snipe nose, round nose, flat nose, nylon jaw, side cutters, micro crimping pliers, and more! Or, you can really shine by giving the gift of a full plier set. Sure, this option might not be as stunning as the buttons on the list, but they’re an essential part of any jewelry maker’s workstation. 


designer one of a kind jewelry

Rhinestone Buttons

Small rhinestone buttons are a fun and versatile option for jewelry making, and because they’re made from acrylic, they’re very lightweight. They also can be sewn on to a suit, or used as embellishments for napkin holders.

On the other hand, larger rhinestone brooches are a dazzling option for jewelry makers who love creating statement pieces, such as embellished headbands and hairpieces.


Rhinestone buttons can also be a fun addition to button bouquets for weddings and events.



While you won’t find beads in our shop, we had to add them to our list of gifts for jewelry makers. This is because a set of unique, vintage, or quirky beads would be a great addition when giving the gift of a Czech glass button or rhinestone button. At Zaza of Canada, we sell buttons in many different styles and every color of the rainbow, making it easy for you to find the best beads in complementary shapes and colors. Jewelry makers will love having a collection of beads to accent the buttons in their designs!


Bead and Button Storage


Maybe your friend is a very prolific jewelry maker, and they have a bevy of buttons and beads practically overflowing in their craft room. If this is the case, then getting them the gift of storage tools and organizers is a great choice! You can choose from drawers and cabinets, tote bags, and even workstations that have places to hang pliers and other tools. This is a handy and practical option, but it can also be a lot of fun as you explore the different kinds of storage options that fit various styles and functions. 




Luckily, if you have a jewelry maker in your life, there’s no shortage of gift options to choose from. From Czech glass buttons to handy flat nose pliers, the ideas on this list are sure to delight any jewelry maker. Ready to get started? We recommend browsing our collection of buttons, brooches, and vintage jewelry to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. And if you’re not already a jewelry maker, who knows – maybe after taking a look at the options on Zaza of Canada, you’ll be inspired to start getting crafty, too!


Copywright @ zazaofcanada #zazaofcanada




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where to get brooches for bouquet

Seven wonderful ways to use vintage brooches on your wedding day

If you're like me, you love a little vintage flair on your wedding day. Whether you have a vintage brooch from your grandmother or you love to shop at our favorite store, ZaZa of Canada, or you simply love to repurpose beautiful things, we are sharing seven wonderful ways to use vintage brooches on your wedding day.


Brooch bouquets

bridal brooch bouquet
We've all seen it on Pinterest, but truth be told, until you have seen one of these sparkling stunners in person, you really cannot conceive just how beautiful they are! The best part is that these beautiful "blooms" last forever. They can become a lovely decor piece following your wedding or even a new family heirloom! In Nashville, these brooch bouquets are all the rage. We're still swooning over the one Miranda Lambert carried down the aisle. 

Something Old, Something New and Something Blue

where to get brooches for bouquet
An elegant vintage brooch is the perfect choice for your something old, but where to put it? One of our favorite accents is when it is added to your wedding day purse. If you really want to step it up a notch, we recommend purchasing one of the beautiful blue brooches from ZaZa of Canada for your something blue, too! Then, all you will need is to slip something borrowed into your clutch and you're good to go!

Honor a Loved One on Your Wedding Day

brooch wedding bouquet
Some vintage brooches feature a space for a photo, which is the perfect way to have your loved ones close. If they don't, your local craft stores often sell charms with a space for a photo that can easily be attached to the pin back of your brooch mixing the vintage with the modern adding a polished look to the base of your bouquet. 

Step Up That Updo

wedding & bridal accessories


Whether you're a glam, boho, or vintage bride, an alluring bit of shimmer is truly the finishing touch that your updo needs. By attaching your brooch to a hair clip, hair comb or a feathery fascinator it keeps the allure going well after you remove your veil. 

Stroll the Aisle in Style

wedding accessories

Why would you spend all that time and attention finding the perfect gown only to neglect your shoes? This is the most important walk of your life...add sparkle to your step by adding some elegant vintage brooch shoe clips.

Accessorize the Dress

something blue bridal
And speaking of your stunning wedding gown, why not give it a little glam? Pin a beautiful brooch to your sash! Keep in mind ladies, it doesn't have to be directly centered, either. An off center sparkle or even one attached to the back to keep those ribbons tied tight are an excellent placement point. 

Glam Up Your Garter

Don't forget to collect up all your "detail" items for your photographer before the big day. Those photos are often the most treasured since those "details" are often overlooked by the bride and groom as they are caught up in the whirlwind of the wedding day. So before you slide your garter set (one for keeping and one for tossing) be sure to give it a little glam with a gorgeous rhinestone brooch. After all, isn't everything a little better with some sparkle?
wedding planner nashville tn
wedding planner nashville - Raina Van Setter
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how to wear a brooch

Who wear brooches?

how to wear a brooch



As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Life is a party, dress like it.”

At Zaza of Canada, we live by that motto, and our collection of jewelry and brooches are here to help make all of your days feel dazzling. Rhinestone brooches and extra large brooches are a great way to add some sparkle and flair to your outfit, but you might be wondering how to wear them. To help you get some style inspo, we’ve collected examples of five fashionable celebrities who have been rocking the brooch trend, and our advice on how you can wear brooches like the stars do.


Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge is a fashion icon for a reason, and she loves a good brooch! She often wears them in classic, elegant styles, pinned to the lapel of her tailored suits. She also likes to use brooches to add a pop of color, like pinning a big red floral brooch to a simple blue suit. Her outfits are great examples of how you can use brooches to experiment with different color combinations and incorporate some of your own personality into a classic suit look for a formal or professional event. Want to try it out? Our vintage red poppy brooch is similar to one that Kate wears!

where to put brooch



Freida Pinto and Blake Lively

Actresses Freida Pinto and Blake Lively aren’t afraid to try something bold: insect-inspired brooches. Freida wore a large butterfly brooch with a red Gucci suit to the Tribeca Film Festival, and Blake turned heads at Spike TV’s awards show when she showed up in a large gemstone beetle brooch on her collar.

If you want to dress like the stars, we sell colorful rhinestone butterfly and dragonfly brooches, like the ones pictured below. Try new things and spread your wings!


butterfly brooches jewellery



 Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has worn brooches on more than one occasion. At the 2019 BAFTAs, she caught everyone’s eye with an extra large lizard brooch resting on her shoulder. Her daring choice shows us that even celebrities love to have fun with quirky accessories, but she’s also a fan of classic brooches, too! For example, at a Vanity Fair Oscar party, she wore a simple gold and emerald brooch with a red Yves Saint Laurent dress. Our vintage amber-colored brooch, pictured below, is a similar size and style to the one Salma wore. Throw it on as an accessory to a colorful dress, and you’ll feel like you’re at an Oscar party, too!

vintage brooches canada


Queen Elizabeth

The members of the royal family rock brooches probably more than any celebrity—especially Queen Elizabeth II. For 90 years, she’s amazed the world with her unique, expansive jewerly collection. While she frequently wears all kinds of brooches, they tend to be classic, classy, and refined, and sometimes they even have hidden meanings. Our vintage rhinestone wedding brooch comes in a classic shape and style that’s similar to many of the Queen’s brooches. We recommend wearing this one for a night when you want to feel like a million bucks, without having to spend a million bucks.


We hope that our celebrity-inspired advice has given you inspiration to try out brooches in your own wardrobe! You can find more in our collection on Etsy at Zaza of Canada.




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Beautiful Buttons

Beautiful Buttons

That Will Make Your Outfit Pop


Are you growing tired of your wardrobe? Do you want to impress your friends with your unique fashion sense? Would you like to spice up your style, but you don’t know where to begin?


Never fear! Our beautiful buttons are an easy and inexpensive way to add a pop of color to any outfit. Maybe you want to swap out the plain white buttons on a jacket for something more dazzling, or maybe you want to find buttons to create unique jewelry of your own. Adding a fancy button to an old article of clothing can make it feel brand new again—and you don’t even have to go to the store!


We offer all kinds of vintage jewelry, buttons, and brooches that will make you feel stylish and luxurious. Read on to learn more about the different buttons we offer, and our ideas for how you can use them to upgrade your style.


Glass Buttons


Our glass buttons come in all kinds of colors, sizes, and styles.


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For example, these bohemian glass buttons feature a beautiful old-fashioned style that would be perfect for fancy evening wear. If you’re crafty, you could also use them as the focal point of a beautiful bracelet.

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These sky blue glass buttons are the perfect little antique embellishment for jewelry making and sewing. They’d be a great gift for a mom who loves to sew, or an artistic friend!


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Czech Glass Buttons


You might not know this, but the Czech Republic is famous for its bead and button industry. For centuries, they have been producing some of the most beautiful buttons in all of Europe.


These domed Czech glass buttons feature a navy blue pattern of birds and hearts. These kinds of buttons are traditionally made by hand using pressed heated glass and special molds, so when you add one to your outfit, you can rest assured that you’re wearing something totally unique.

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If you have a cat lover in your life, then these buttons are a great choice for you! They come in excellent vintage condition, straight from the Czech Republic. Use them to create a fun brooch, or add one to a gold chain to make a necklace unlike any other.


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 Rhinestone Buttons


Rhinestone buttons are perfect for people who want to shine. You’ll stand out from the crowd in these sparkling designs!


These red rhinestone buttons could be used in a necklace, bracelet, or even as an embellishment for napkin rings! The only limit is your creativity when it comes to rhinestone buttons.



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Did you hear that? These cute blue flower rhinestone buttons are calling your name! They’re made from acrylic and very lightweight, so they’d be a great embellishment on a classic suit. Get your thread and needle—it’s time for a quarantine sewing project.


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This is only a small selection of the hundreds of buttons, we offer. We also have all sorts of brooches, vintage jewelry and clothing, too! Hopefully we have inspired you to think about some new and creative ways to make your outfits fancy, stylish, and totally unique, and we’re excited for our buttons to help you with your next sewing and jewelry making project. Remember—fashion is about expressing yourself, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things!







where to buy buttons for clothes


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