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Buttons and brooches are not just for closures!

Buttons. brooches and embellishments are perfect for
transforming a bland little outfit into a fantastic stellar piece of clothing
that will get you the most charming compliments.

Add a designer look to your wardrobe with colorful fancy buttons and costume jewelry

Have fun with buttons and brooches!

Fancy embellishments and buttons Shop

Fancy embellishments for clothing, jewelry, accessories and home decoration.

Fancy buttons

Fancy buttons are perfect in wedding bouquets, to add a touch of color... 

brooch flower bouquet

How to Make a Brooch Bouquet with a Styrofoam Ball

A beautiful brooch bouquet is a fun way to personalize your wedding décor. Whether you’re making it for just yourself, or for all your bridesmaids – brooch bouquets are a stylish way to nix the standard floral arrangements and make something you (and your bridesmaids) can cherish forever!

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most beautiful brooches

Rhinestone brooches are perfect for people who want to shine. 

For a vintage look, try antique inspired or vintage costume jewellery brooches!


Glass buttons

Fancy glass buttons are buttons made out of genuine glass stones, and are typically used as a decorative or functional element on clothing or other items. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as Czech crystal or Murano glass, and can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Glass buttons can also be used in home decoration and jewelry making.

Without burning up your
credit card, glass buttons are a simple way to radically change an outdated garment into a real fashion statement!

How to Refashion a Grandma Dress

How to Refashion a Grandma Dress?

How to Refashion a Grandma Dress [And Make it Sparkle with Rhinestone Buttons]

Do you have an ancient, out-of-fashion dress sitting in the back of your closet that never sees the light of day? Or maybe you’re just feeling creative and want to take on the challenge of giving a thrifted dress new life?


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Flower-shaped buttons

Flower-shaped buttons can be used as a functional closure, or as a decorative accent.

Flower buttons are a simple and inexpensive way to add a floral touch to your creations. Without burning up your credit card, this
button is a simple way to radically change an outdated garment into a real cute piece!

Flower-shaped buttons collection
Vintage brooches for sale

Seven wonderful ways to use vintage brooches on your wedding day

If you're like me, you love a little vintage flair on your wedding day.

Whether you have a vintage brooch from your grandmother or you love to shop at our favorite store, ZaZa of Canada, or you simply love to repurpose beautiful things, we are sharing...  


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Unique fancy buttons collection

Big rhinestone buttons

Big is always better. Welcome to our collection of colorful big rhinestone... 

Colorful beaded earrings

Welcome to our collection of colorful beaded earrings! 

Bee buttons

Bee buttons are a great, quick, and super fun way to change a boring... 

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