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Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry icon

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry icon & oversized statement jewelry

Elizabeth “Liz” Taylor was a style icon in her day – from the beautiful, refined jewelry she wore in her roles in films like Cleopatra and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, to her gorgeous everyday looks. Let’s take a look at a few examples of how she used oversized statement jewelry to accent her style! 


Elizabeth Taylor was a big fan of huge flower brooches, big rhinestone pins, and other extra large brooches from numerous high fashion jewelry retailers. One of her favorite accessories was an extra large luxury brooch from Bulgari, built out of emeralds and silver. She wore it as a hair accessory on the set of The V.I.Ps, a film she did in the 1960s, and claimed it as her own after filming concluded.

This brooch is an example of how statement pieces such as large rhinestone brooches can really elevate an outfit. Though she often paired this brooch with simple outfits, this big green flower pin was able to take her looks to the next level – and keep her looking gorgeous even with a simple, slinky black dress!

Women around the world still take inspiration from Liz Taylor and her unique jewelry! Whether you’re shopping for a large marquise open back rhinestone piece, or another large luxury brooch, just think about whether you think she would wear it! If she would, you should buy it – and show it off to the world!


RIP Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry icon, 1932-2011

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