How to make a long dress shorter temporarily

How to make a long dress shorter temporarily

Discover quick and reversible methods to shorten a long dress without permanent alterations. Learn simple techniques like hem tape, safety pins, and creative folding for an adjustable dress length suitable for any occasion. Perfect for temporary dress adjustments.

In this blog, we will explore these various themes:


  • Temporary Hemming Techniques for Long Dresses
  • Creative Folding Methods to Shorten a Dress
  • Using Safety Pins for a No-Sew Shorter Dress
  • How to Use Hem Tape for Temporary Dress Adjustments 




Using Safety Pins for a No-Sew Shorter Dress



Welcome to our article on how to make a long dress shorter temporarily! Have you ever found yourself in the predicament of wanting to wear a stunning long dress for a special occasion, only to realize that its length is impractical? Fear not! In this insightful guide, we will provide you with ingenious and professional tips on how to transform your lengthy gown into a more manageable and stylish garment. Whether it's adapting for an unexpected event or ensuring comfort during an evening out, our step-by-step instructions will empower you with easy-to-follow methods that require no permanent alterations. So get ready to embrace fashion flexibility as we unveil the secrets behind mastering temporary dress alterations like a true pro!


Using safety pins to temporarily hem the dress


  • Safety pins are a simple and effective way to shorten a long dress for temporary wear.
  • Start by trying on the dress and determining how much length you want to remove.
  • Take small sections of fabric from the bottom of the dress and fold them up towards the inside, creating a desired hemline.
  • Secure each folded section with a safety pin, making sure it's tightly fastened so it doesn't come undone while wearing.
  • Repeat this process around the entire circumference of the dress until you achieve your desired length.

Benefits of using safety pins

  • Safety pins offer flexibility in adjusting the length of your dress as needed throughout an event or occasion.
  • They are easily removable without leaving any permanent damage or alterations to your garment.
  • If done correctly, safety pins can provide a neat and discreet solution for shortening a long dress on-the-go.


Tying a knot or using a belt to create a raised hemline


  • One simple way to temporarily shorten a long dress is by tying a knot at the desired length. Start by gathering the excess fabric at the bottom of the dress and twisting it tightly. Then, fold the twisted portion up towards your waistline and secure it with a hair tie or elastic band. This will give your dress an effortless, raised hemline that can be easily adjusted.
  • Another option is to use a belt to create a raised hemline. First, put on your long dress and determine where you want the new hemline to fall. Then, wrap a belt around your waist, ensuring that it sits just above where you want the dress shortened. Take the excess fabric below the belt and tuck it underneath itself until you achieve the desired length. The belt will keep everything in place while giving your dress an elevated look.
  • Both methods provide quick solutions for temporarily shortening long dresses without requiring any sewing skills or alterations. Experiment with different knotting techniques or belts to find what works best for your outfit and personal style.


Folding and tucking the excess fabric for a tailored look


Folding and Tucking for a Tailored Look

To temporarily shorten a long dress, consider folding and tucking the excess fabric. Here's how to achieve a tailored look:

  1. Start by gathering the excess fabric at one side of the dress hemline.
  2. Fold it up evenly towards the inside of the dress until you reach your desired length.
  3. Secure the fold with small safety pins or discreetly stitch it in place using a needle and thread.
  4. Repeat this process on each side of the dress for balanced results.

By folding and tucking the excess fabric, you can create an elegant, tailored appearance that doesn't sacrifice style or comfort.


Adding temporary adhesive tape to secure a shorter length

How to make a long dress shorter temporarily 

Using temporary adhesive tape to secure a shorter length

  • To quickly and easily make a long dress shorter, you can use temporary adhesive tape.
  • Fold up the desired amount of fabric at the bottom of the dress and secure it in place with small strips of tape.
  • Make sure to evenly distribute the folds around the circumference of the dress for a balanced look.

Benefits of using temporary adhesive tape

  • Temporary adhesive tape is an excellent option for making a long dress shorter because it is quick and easy to apply.
  • It allows you to adjust the length without permanently altering or damaging your garment.
  • Additionally, removing the tape later is hassle-free and won't leave behind any residue.

Tips for using temporary adhesive tape

  1. Choose a strong but removable brand of temporary adhesive tape that will securely hold your folded fabric in place.
  2. Test the strength and grip of the tape on a small area of fabric before applying it to ensure it won't damage or pull at delicate fabrics or cause any discoloration.
  3. Apply enough strips of tape around the hemline to keep everything secured, but be careful not to use too much as this could create bulkiness.
  4. Gently press down on each taped fold to ensure they stay in place throughout wear.
  5. Prioritize comfort by avoiding placing tapes directly on areas that may rub against your skin or cause discomfort during movement.



Using fabric clips or removable stitches to create a temporary hem


  • Fabric clips are an easy and quick solution for temporarily shortening a long dress. Simply fold the excess fabric to your desired length, then use the clips to hold it in place. The clips will securely keep the hem in position throughout the day, allowing you to move freely without worrying about your dress dragging on the ground.
  • Another option is using removable stitches to create a temporary hem. These stitches can easily be undone when you no longer need the shorter length. To do this, fold up the excess fabric and pin it in place with several small stitches. When you're ready to go back to the original length of your dress, simply remove the stitches and let down the hem.
  • Both fabric clips and removable stitches provide effective methods for temporarily altering your dress's length without any permanent damage or alterations. Whether you prefer clip-on convenience or stitching precision, these techniques offer a practical solution for making your long dress shorter for special occasions or everyday wear


Layering the dress with a shorter skirt or petticoat


  • One easy way to temporarily shorten a long dress is by layering it with a shorter skirt or petticoat.
  • This can add dimension and create an interesting, layered look to your outfit.
  • Choose a shorter skirt in a complementary color, pattern, or texture to pair with your long dress.
  • The contrasting lengths will break up the visual continuity and make the overall appearance of the dress appear shorter.
  • Similarly, adding a petticoat underneath your long dress can achieve the same effect.
  • Petticoats are lightweight underskirts that add volume and shape to dresses when worn beneath them.
  • By choosing one that is slightly shorter than your long dress, you can instantly create the illusion of having shortened it.

Petticoats are lightweight underskirts that add volume and shape to dresses when worn beneath them

Remember, these tips are temporary solutions for altering the length of your long dresses without any permanent changes.


Creating a high-low hemline by cutting the front shorter than the back


  • Achieve an on-trend, high-low look for your long dress with a simple alteration technique.
  • Begin by measuring how much shorter you want the front of your dress to be compared to the back.
  • Using fabric chalk or pins, mark this measurement on both sides of the dress's hemline.
  • Carefully cut along these marks in a straight line, ensuring that the front is shorter than the back.

Maintaining symmetry and balance

  • To maintain symmetry and balance in your high-low hemline, it is essential to measure accurately and cut carefully.
  • Use a ruler or measuring tape to ensure consistency in length across both sides of the dress when marking and cutting.
  • Take extra precautions while working around curves or pleats in order to maintain clean lines throughout.


Styling the dress with heels or platform shoes to visually shorten the length


How to make a long dress shorter temporarily


To give the illusion of a shorter dress, pair it with high heels or platform shoes. The extra height will create an optical trick that makes the dress appear shorter than it actually is. Opt for shoes with a significant heel to maximize this effect.

When choosing shoes, consider pairing them in a contrasting color to make them stand out and draw attention away from the length of the dress. Also, opt for pointy-toe styles as they add extra length to your legs, further enhancing the illusion of a shorter dress.


 How to make a long dress shorter temporarily



Remember to walk with confidence when wearing high heels or platforms as it adds to the overall impression and elevates your look even more. By styling your long dress with these types of footwear, you can easily achieve a temporary shortening effect without any alterations necessary.


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