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Vintage enamel flower brooches collection

Vintage enamel flower brooches collection

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Shop our vintage enamel flower brooches collection - A set of 3 jewelry brooches, in pink blush, green and white. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any of your outfit.

I present a charming set of three vintage brooches from the 1960s. These floral-inspired brooches are typical of the mid-century fashion style. You have the three flower-shaped brooches; the first one represents a rose. The petals of this brooch are pretty distinctive as they are serrated, as you can see in the photo. The color of the flower is an old rose color with green leaves. The center of the rose is made of a pearl with small golden stamens on the sides, and the back of the flower is also pale pink, with a golden clasp. The clasp is in perfect condition.

The second brooch is longer and represents a white lily with a charming pink bow that ties it to a leaf, which is green. The back of the brooch is green, pink, and off-white, and the clasp is silver in color. It appears that the clasp may not be the original one and was added later.

The third brooch is the smallest, depicting a pink daisy with green leaves. The back of the brooch is golden, and the clasp is in perfect condition.

The rose-shaped brooch measures 50 mm in diameter, the lily brooch measures 80 mm in length, and the daisy measures 40 mm in diameter and 60 mm in length, including the stem.

The rose-shaped brooch weighs 28 g, the lily weighs 16 g, and the daisy weighs 14 g.

You can create many projects with these three lovely brooches. Here are some examples for you.

Framed Jewelry Display:
Select a shadow box or deep frame and arrange the vintage enamel brooches inside. Use a fabric backdrop that complements the pink color. This framed display can be hung on the wall or placed on a dresser to showcase the brooches as a vintage jewelry collection.

Brooch Bouquet:
Create a stunning bridal or decorative bouquet by attaching the pink vintage enamel flower brooches to a foam or silk flower base. Combine them with faux flowers or fabric to add volume and texture. This unique bouquet can be a beautiful keepsake for weddings or special occasions.

Bouquet Wall Art:
Arrange the vintage enamel flower brooches as a bouquet on a canvas or wooden board. Secure them in place, and you'll have a unique and charming piece of wall art. Mixing in some greenery or other decorative elements enhances the overall aesthetic.

Thank you for exploring this lovely lot of pink vintage enamel flower brooches.

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