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Zaza of Canada

Unique vintage enamel flower brooches

Unique vintage enamel flower brooches

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I love this set of two unique vintage enamel flower brooches because the large hand-painted daisy is truly unique, and I think it will garner many compliments!

The larger brooch is a daisy with a red center and 8 petals painted with a lovely design representing poppies. This brooch has a typical design from West Germany or Austria. The brooch is cherry pink, green, and off-white. The back of the brooch is white and in perfect condition. The smaller brooch resembles a dahlia. It is also cherry red, and its stem is chocolate brown. The back of the brooch is the same red, and the pin is in good condition. There are minor scratches on the dahlia brooch's flower. The daisy has a diameter of 100 mm, and the smaller brooch has a diameter of 30 mm.

You will receive two vintage brooches:
Design: Daisy and Dahlia flowers
Retro, 1960s
From West Germany and the USA.
Multi-colored and handpainted.
Weight: 10 gr for the small brooch, 7 g for the big brooch

Thank you for exploring these beautiful vintage flower brooches.

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