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Zaza of Canada

Set of Two Crystal Buttons for sewing

Set of Two Crystal Buttons for sewing

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Elevate your bridal designs with our set of two exquisite crystal buttons for sewing, artisan-crafted with genuine glass stones from Czechoslovakia.



These buttons showcase a brilliant clarity with their crystal clear white color, accented by a subtly yellow pear-shaped stone that adds an antique charm. Each button features an oval white stone, a round stone, and a pear-shaped stone, all prong-set into a durable metal base.

- Perfect Wedding Detail: Ideal for adorning wedding dresses, fur caps, or collars for a winter wedding, adding a lavish and ornate touch.
- Perfect for shoe fabrication.
- Luxurious Craftsmanship: Meticulously handcrafted, these buttons offer a decorative and elegant flair suitable for any matrimonial event.
- Versatile Use: Whether used for bridal decorations or as exquisite embellishments on other special occasion garments, these fancy buttons enhance any piece with their elaborate design.
- Antique Appeal: The slight yellow tint of the pear-shaped stone provides a luxurious, vintage look that captures the essence of timeless elegance.
- 40 x 30 mm

Add these luxurious and fancy buttons to your collection to instantly transform bridal wear or any high-fashion garment into a stunning piece of art.

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