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Red Vintage Enamel Brooches

Red Vintage Enamel Brooches

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Looking for unique retro jewelry? These Vintage Enamel Brooches are perfect for your retro jewelry box!


These two vintage brooches are a delightful pair, showcasing the retro style of the 1950s or 60s. Resembling dahlias, these beautiful bright red flowers come in two variations. One brooch is solid red, while the other features red petals with white polka dots. It's worth noting that the tips of the red brooch's petals have a slight touch of white, which could be either due to wear or intentional design. The backs of both brooches are also red and their closures are in perfect condition. With a diameter of 60 mm and a thickness of 25 mm, these charming accessories can be used as fashion accents and creatively incorporated into your home decor and clothing.
Here are three examples of how you can incorporate vintage enamel flower brooches into your home decor:
Framed Wall Art: Arrange the brooches within the frame, either centered or in a creative pattern and hang the framed artwork on a wall.
Table Centerpiece: Place a vintage-inspired table runner or a piece of lace on your dining or coffee table.
Arrange a cluster of candles or small vases with fresh flowers in the center.
Pin the enamel flower brooches onto the fabric, evenly spaced, to add a touch of vintage charm to your centerpiece.
Decorative Pillows: Choose plain throw pillows in a color that complements the enamel brooches
Pin the brooches onto the pillows in a symmetric or asymmetric arrangement.
Display these pillows on your couch or bed to instantly add a vintage flair to your living space.

You can also incorporate these lovely vintage enamel flower brooches include vintage enamel flower brooches into your outfit:
On a Blazer or Jacket: Pin the vintage enamel flower brooch to the lapel or collar of the blazer.
This adds a touch of vintage elegance to your professional or semi-formal look.
As a Statement Piece on a Dress: Wear a simple, solid-colored dress as your canvas.
Pin the vintage enamel flower brooch at the center of the neckline or at the waist for a focal point.
Adorning a Hat or Beret: Choose a hat or beret that complements your outfit.
Pin the vintage enamel flower brooch to the side or front of the hat.
This adds a vintage touch and serves as a unique and eye-catching accessory.

You will receive two vintage brooches:
Diameter: 60 mm
Bright red and white
Made from painted metal
Era: 1950s 1960s

Weight: 16 and 27 g

Thank you for exploring this lot of 2 vintage enamel brooches. This delightful pair is a must-have for retro jewelry lovers.

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