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Zaza of Canada

Purple button flowers

Purple button flowers

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Enhance your shoes, tote bag, headband or jewelry with these stunning light purple button flowers. Adorned with tiny rhinestones, they're a perfect girly accessory.

You will receive 5 fancy buttons:
- 10mm.
- Light purple, mauve
- Lightweight

There are many ways to use these lovely purple buttons, I'll provide some examples here.
Floral Embellished Headband: Choose a color palette that complements the flowers, and arrange the buttons in a pattern or randomly for a playful look.
Button-Embellished Tote Bag: You can arrange the floral buttons in clusters to resemble flowers or scatter them for a whimsical effect.
Flower Button Bookmark: This is a quick and easy project that can also make for a lovely gift, especially for someone who enjoys reading.
Floral Greeting Cards: Create handmade greeting cards by sewing tiny flower buttons onto cardstock. Button-Adorned Picture Frame: Transform a plain photo frame into a charming piece of decor by stitching tiny flower buttons around the edges.

Are you looking for unique floral buttons? These lovely light purple button flowers are for you!

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