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Large mushroom brooch

Large mushroom brooch

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I love this large mushroom brooch because I think this big porcini mushroom has a very charming appearance, and its brown and beige colors make it the perfect accessory for autumn.

This wood brooch has a wooden base, and the top part is made of resin.


The mushroom's stem has been intricately detailed, and the base of the mushroom is nestled among dark green colored leaves. This brooch is the ideal piece of costume jewelry to gift to someone who enjoys mushroom hunting, loves nature and autumn, or embraces a woodland lifestyle.
You can wear this brooch on various occasions. This eye-catching brooch enhances your attire for special events like parties, weddings, or celebrationsEmbrace the spirit of each season by wearing the brooch during specific seasonal festivities. Add a playful element to your formal attire by pinning the brooch on blazers, coats, or dresses. Showcase your affinity for the outdoors by wearing the brooch during nature hikes, picnics, or botanical garden visits. 

Size: 64x52 mm

Made from Acrylic, resin, wood, and metal.


Happy shopping!

If you're looking for a quirky and eye-catching accessory, I recommend adding this big porcini mushroom brooch to your collection!



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