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Zaza of Canada

Fancy White Rose Floral Buttons

Fancy White Rose Floral Buttons

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Set of 5 fancy white rose floral buttons, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any garment or craft project.

Diameter: 20 mm
Ideal for wedding dress embellishments, crafting cool sewing projects, or enhancing hand-sewn garments.

Add an exquisite detail to your wedding dress, evening gowns, or handcrafted handbags with these elegant white rose floral buttons. Each button is meticulously crafted with a 20 mm shank, ensuring easy application and a secure fit for all types of fabrics. Whether you're a professional dressmaker or a craft enthusiast, these buttons provide the perfect finishing touch that combines beauty with functionality.

Perfect for:
Wedding dress and bridal accessories
Custom handbags and couture garments
DIY crafting projects and decorations

These rosedesign buttons are perfect for dressmakers, crafters, and anyone looking to enhance their sewing crafts with a unique, decorative element.


Order Now to elevate your sewing projects with these beautiful, decorative floral buttons!

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