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Zaza of Canada

Huge Jewel Button

Huge Jewel Button

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Discover the elegance of this artisan-made huge jewel button.


This fancy button features a stunning design with a large oval brown faceted stone, enhanced by pink and green rectangular crystals, all surrounded by sparkling clear stones.

Each crystal and glass stone is carefully prong-set on a sturdy metal shank, ensuring durability and luxury.

Perfect for embellishing garments or creating a unique statement piece like necklaces or an upscale custom jewelry box.

The button measures 45 x 50 mm

Luxurious Detailing: Perfect for stitching onto clothing or using in tailoring projects to add a touch of glamour.

Creative Crafts: Upgrade home decor or accessories like jewelry boxes, making them look more expensive and elegant.

Unique Design: Each button is a work of art, meticulously crafted to offer both style and quality.

Versatile Use: Transform everyday items into high-fashion pieces by adorning jackets, coats, or blazers.

Whether you would like to enhance your fashion creations or add a special touch to your creative projects, this large glass button provides the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Use it to embellish your wardrobe or garnish your craft projects, and enjoy the opulence it brings to your creation.

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