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Zaza of Canada

Decorative blue floral buttons

Decorative blue floral buttons

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Say hello to our delightful Decorative Blue Floral Buttons – These fancy buttons brings elegance and craftsmanship into every stitch! This charming set of five buttons, each boasting a dainty 1-inch (25 mm) size, is here to infuse your sewing and jewelry projects with a touch of intricate charm.

These flower-shaped buttons are more than just accessories; they're your ticket to a new level of sophistication. Whether you're jazzing up a snazzy hat, giving a stylish shirt a little extra flair, or adding a dash of charm to your crafts and bracelets, these royal blue buttons are the ultimate embellishment.


You will receive a lot of 5 buttons:
25 mm 1 in,
Royal blue, purple and pastel orange.
These buttons have been crafted with beads shaped like three large blue petals, adorned with flowers featuring mauve petals and an orange center. They come equipped with a shank at the back, making them easy to sew onto various items such as hats, bags, and interior decor objects like curtains, decorative bouquets, and cushions.


Picture this: delicate floral patterns delicately woven into each button, creating a botanical masterpiece for your projects. The vivid blue hue not only exudes tranquility but also injects a burst of style. These buttons aren't just finishing touches – they're statements in themselves.

So, go ahead, and make your sewing and jewelry creations pop with this set of three decorative buttons. It's where craftsmanship meets creativity in a perfect blend. Dive into the details, and let these buttons be the unique touch that makes your creations stand out from the crowd.

Happy sewing!

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