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Charming Mid-Century Floral Brooches

Charming Mid-Century Floral Brooches

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Discover the charm of yesteryears with our lot of 5 mid-century floral brooches. Perfect for vintage lovers!


You will receive five brooches:

One daisy has a diameter of 40 mm, another has a diameter of 35 mm, and the third daisy has a diameter of 40 mm.
The rose-shaped brooch measures 50 mm in length and 40 mm in width.
The smallest brooch measures 30 mm in length and 20 mm in width.
The rose weighs 35 g, the smallest brooch weighs 18 g, and the daisies weigh between 7 and 12 grams each.


You can use these brooches in many of your fashion or decoration projects. I am providing a few examples here.
Tablecloth Embellishments: attach the vintage brooches along the edges or in the center of the tablecloth. This lovely addition instantly elevates the look of your table and adds a vintage flair to your dining area.
Brooch Bouquet on a Blazer: choose a classic blazer in a solid color and cluster several vintage flower-shaped brooches on one side of the blazer, mimicking the appearance of a bouquet.
Belt Buckle Enhancement: choose a plain belt that complements your outfit.
Attach one or a cluster of vintage flower brooches to the front as a decorative buckle.

Colors palettes: beige, black, gold, grey, white.
Made from metal.
Vintage from the USA.
Weights: between 7 to 35 g
The daisy brooches have a diameter between 40 to 35 mm
The rose brooch measures 50 mm, and the small flower broach measures 30 mm.

Thank you for exploring these beautiful costume vintage brooches.

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