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Cat Brooch Silver

Cat Brooch Silver

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Are you looking for unique and amusing gifts for cat owners? Check out this adorable cat brooch, silver colored, that will make them smile.

This cat-shaped brooch is truly amusing as the cat in question has white and silver lines on its belly, giving it a chubby appearance. The cat has bright green eyes adorned with tiny emerald-colored rhinestones, and the back of the brooch is silver. The cat measures 55 mm in length and 25 mm in width, and the brooch weighs 18 g.

Here are 3 fun ways to use an amusing cat brooch pin:

Hat Accent: Attach the cat brooch to the brim of your hat. This adds a touch of personality to your headwear and allows you to showcase the amusing cat design in a unique way.

Scarf Fastener: Use the cat brooch to fasten a scarf. Whether you're wearing it around your neck or as a headscarf, the brooch adds a focal point and keeps your scarf in place with style.

Handbag Embellishment: Pin the cat brooch to your handbag or purse. It instantly transforms the look of your bag, making it more personalized and fun. Choose a spot on the bag where the cat's design stands out.

Gift Decoration: Attach the cat brooch to a ribbon or bow when wrapping a gift. This serves as a charming additional gift; the recipient can later use it as a brooch or in any of the ways mentioned above.


You will receive one brooch:

Color: black and silver.

Made from metal.

New, from China.

55 x 25 mm, 18 g



Add some humor to your outfit with this amusing cat brooch silver. 

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