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Bird brooch

Bird brooch

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This is a metal brooch, very original, featuring three birds perched on a tree branch. These birds are colored green, yellow, and purple. The pin is made of relatively thick metal, and the back of the jewelry piece is golden in color. This brooch has a lot of intricate details. You can see the shape of the feathers on the birds, the bright red beaks, and the form of the birds' legs. This rather classic piece of jewelry could be the perfect gift for a mature lady, but it's also an appealing present for a young woman who loves nature, animals, and birds. The brooch measures 60 mm in width and 30 mm in height. It weighs 22 g.


There are numerous places where you can attach this brooch. I'll provide a few examples here, but your vivid imagination can come up with many other uses for this extraordinary piece of jewelry.


  1. Belt Accent: Pin the bird brooch to the side of a wide waist belt. It will add a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your waistline and create a striking focal point for your outfit.

  2. Back Collar Surprise: Pin the brooch to the back of your shirt collar or blazer lapel. This unexpected placement adds a subtle but eye-catching detail when you turn around.

  3. Hat Highlight: Pin the brooch to the band of your hat, either on the side or at the back. This instantly transforms your headwear into a personalized, stylish statement piece.

  4. Bookshelf Buddy: Pin the bird brooch onto the edge of a bookshelf, so it looks like the birds are perched among your favorite reads. It adds a whimsical touch to your book collection.

  5. Plant Partner: Attach the brooch to the rim of a potted plant's container. The birds will appear as if they're visiting your plant, creating a charming visual story of nature.

  6. Curtain Charmer: Pin the brooch to the curtain tieback in your living room or bedroom. It adds a surprising burst of color and life to your window treatments.

  7. Coffee Break Companion: Pin the brooch to the side of your coffee mug's handle. It'll be like having a cute feathered friend keeping you company during your morning brew.

  8. Laptop Perch: Attach the brooch to the corner of your laptop screen when you're not using it. It's a playful way to liven up your workspace and make it feel more personalized.


You will receive one bird brooch.

Colors: brown, green, orange, mauve.è

Made from metal

Made in China




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