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Bee Boho Jewelry Necklace

Bee Boho Jewelry Necklace

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Discover the charm of this unique vintage Bee boho jewelry necklace, handcrafted by a talented jeweler from Perpignan, a picturesque town in southern France. This striking piece, featuring large black, white, and gold beads with a geometric African Krobo style, immediately catches the eye. Each bead's lightweight nature, despite their size, adds to the necklace's allure and comfort.

✨ Unique handmade design by a Perpignan jewelry artist. Brand: LGS ( Les Gens du Sud)
🎨 Large beads in black, white, and gold with a geometric Krobo African influence
🦋 Silver-toned insect wing charms adding an exquisite touch
🔒 Secure lobster clasp with a silver-tone chain featuring the LGS logo
🐝 Bumblebee-inspired bead arrangement without actual bee motifs
📏 Choker length, perfect for a snug fit on your neck ( Please check the photos) | Beads size: between 20 and 30 mm.
👗 Versatile accessory for both casual and formal outfits

Feel the uniqueness of this special choker by viewing the photos on our mannequin. It’s the perfect piece to add a touch of artistry to your jewelry collection.



**What material are the beads made of?**

I couldn't determine the exact material, but I would say resin with a porcelain-like appearance. The beads are too light to be pure porcelain.

**Can the necklace be adjusted for different neck sizes?**

Yes, because of the chain at the back.

**Are there any other color options available?**

No, it's a unique piece. However, this doesn't mean the artisan didn't make other colors at the time of production.

**How long is the necklace?**

It's a choker, so when you measure it end to end, it's a little less than 17 inches (42 cm).

**Do you offer international shipping?**

Yes, I ship worldwide, but there are exceptions due to postal services and geopolitical situations.

**Are the insect wing charms detachable?**

No. Unless you want to cut them off with pliers.

**Can the necklace be customized in any way?**

No. But if you are creative, you won't ask for permission and will know what to do... though I think it would be a shame because this boho jewelry necklace is truly beautiful.

**How should I care for and clean the necklace?**

Like all costume jewelry, avoid water and humidity.

**Can this necklace be worn by individuals with allergies to certain metals?**


**Can I see more photos of the necklace being worn by a model?**

Yes, just contact me.

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