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Vintage Daisy Flower Brooches Lot

Vintage Daisy Flower Brooches Lot

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Discover the charm of yesteryears with this adorable vintage daisy flower brooches lot.
This set of 4 vintage brooches is perfect for adding a touch of retro elegance to any outfit. Whether you're a collector of vintage jewelry or looking for a unique gift, these brooches are sure to impress.

You will receive 4 vintage enamel brooches
Includes four beautifully crafted brooches, each featuring a unique daisy design, perfect for mix and match.
1950's & 1960's Style: Authentic vintage pieces from the 1950s and 1960s, ideal for fashion enthusiasts and collectors alike.
Antique Enamel: High-quality enamel work that has stood the test of time, offering a timeless appeal.
Versatile Fashion Accessories: Can be worn on dresses, coats, hats, and bags, adding a classic touch to any ensemble.
Perfect Gift: Ideal for women who appreciate vintage fashion, making a thoughtful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions.
Retro Charm: Embrace the retro charm and elegance of the mid-20th century with these stylish brooches.

~ FAQs ~
How many brooches are included in this lot? Four (4)
Can I choose the designs of the brooches? No
Are these brooches replicas or authentic vintage pieces? - These brooches are authentic vintage pieces.
How should I care for these vintage enamel brooches? - Just dust them off from time to time, and avoid water and humidity.
Can these brooches be worn on different types of clothing? - Yes, but don't put them on really light fabrics. These brooches are perfect on heavy cotton, blazer collars, denim jackets, and coats.
Is this set of vintage brooches suitable for gift-giving?
Do these brooches come in a gift box or packaging?
Are the brooches in this lot handmade or mass-produced?
Can I return or exchange the brooches if I am not satisfied with them?
Are these brooches suitable for everyday wear, or are they more for special occasions?

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