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Zaza of Canada

Vintage Czech Glass Button

Vintage Czech Glass Button

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Meet your new favorite old crystal button! With its 40mm size and vintage glass design, this piece adds a splash of elegance to any outfit or craft project. Made with glass and metal, it’s perfect for jazzing up jackets or creating unique jewelry.

  • Vintage Charm: This brings a retro feel to your style.
  • Quality Materials: Durable glass and metal for a lasting shine.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for updating clothes or DIY jewelry.
  • Gift Ready: A hit with sewing lovers and fashion designers.
  • Big Impact: Its large size makes a statement.
  • Shiny Crystals: The glass crystals glimmer in the light.
  • Simple to Sew: Comes with a shank for easy attachment.

This Czech embellishment isn't just for fastening; it's a gem that enhances anything it's added to. It's easy to use and perfect for anyone who appreciates a touch of history and elegance.

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