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Zaza of Canada

Navy blue flower-shaped fancy buttons

Navy blue flower-shaped fancy buttons

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Unleash your creativity with these enchanting Navy Blue Flower-Shaped Decorative Buttons, the perfect addition to your crafting collection.
Each button is a tiny masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted with a metal base, painted navy blue and white, and adorned with delicate rhinestones that catch the light just right.

Why You'll Love These Buttons:

Cute and unique Design: These adorable flower-shaped buttons feature a radiant crystal white rhinestone at the center, surrounded by sparkling tiny rhinestones, creating a mesmerizing effect.
These 21-mm buttons are not just buttons; they're an opportunity to transform any piece. Whether you're accentuating a classic shirt collar, adding character to a hat, giving life to a bag, or making a statement on the lapel of a coat or blazer, these buttons are your go-to for a touch of retro charm.
Perfect for DIY Enthusiasts: Ideal for women sewists or crafters, these buttons are a dream come true! They're fantastic as gifts for sewing enthusiasts or charming additions to your own creations.
Unique and Easy to Use: The shank on each button makes sewing them a breeze, and their unique design ensures your projects stand out.

Important Note:
To preserve their beauty, these buttons should not be machine-washed. Treat them with care, and they'll continue to add sparkle to your projects for years to come.

What's Included:

A lot of 5 Navy Blue Flower-Shaped Decorative Buttons
Each button 21 mm in size, made from gold-colored metal with new and vintage rhinestones
Ideal for jewelry making, charms for bracelets, and more!

SHIPPING ~ Items are shipped within one business day after receiving payment - barring exceptional situations.

Any questions? Don't be shy, ask:)

Bring a dash of elegance and creativity to your projects with these Navy Blue Flower-Shaped Decorative Buttons. Limited quantities available – grab yours now and add that special touch to your next project!

• FAQS •
- What is the size of each button?
Diameter 21 mm.
- How many buttons are included in each lot?
- Are the buttons suitable for machine washing?
- Can these buttons be used for jewelry making or other crafts?
Yes. Good for clothing, bracelets, necklaces, home decoration and more!
- How are the buttons attached to garments or projects?
These fancy buttons have a shank, which makes them very easy to sew even on very delicate fabrics like tulle and mesh.

- How long does shipping typically take?
It depends on where you are! But based on my experience, I would say one week to 10 days for the USA, 2 weeks for Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, and a maximum of 5 days for Canada. I ship my packages the same day as the order or the next day.

- Are there any additional care instructions for the buttons?
Common sense!:) Do not soak them in water for a long time; moisture is not good for this type of button.

- Are there any specific projects that these buttons work best for?
Many of my customers use them as charms on bracelet chains, decorations on bags, sandals, and hats.

- Are these buttons available in other colors or styles?
Yes, but since almost all the sets are unique, I invite you to check the fancy buttons section of my shop to explore all the color variations.

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