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Zaza of Canada

Clip on Vintage Earrings

Clip on Vintage Earrings

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Discover the elegance of French vintage with these charming clip on vintage earrings.

 Featuring crystal accents and a bold design, these 40 mm earrings are perfect for those who love to make a statement without the need for pierced ears.

You will receive a pair of earrings:
- Vintage design from the 1980s
- Large 40 mm size for a bold statement
- Gold-toned resin, big round crystal center, and metal.
- Crystal accents for a touch of sparkle
- Clip-on style, ideal for non-pierced ears
- Perfect gift for her - ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions
- Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
- Unique piece sourced from Le Peyrou market in Montpellier, France

Make your outfit shine with these elegant vintage earrings, adding a touch of French charm to any ensemble!

  • FAQs 

What is the size of these earrings? 40 mm - 1.57 inch
Are these earrings lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear? Yes! But again, it depends on your sensitivity and whether you are sensitive to certain metals.
Can I purchase these earrings as a gift for someone special? Absolutely.
Do these earrings require pierced ears? No.
Where were these earrings sourced from? Montpellier, France
Are the crystal accents on these earrings real? No.
Are these earrings suitable for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries? Absolutely.
Can these earrings be shipped internationally? Yes!
What is the material used in the construction of these earrings? I would say molded resin with pretty geometric patterns, metal for the clip at the back, and large resin crystals that look like diamonds.
How can I style these vintage French earrings to make a statement?

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