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Zaza of Canada

Black vintage enamel flower brooches

Black vintage enamel flower brooches

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Set of two white and black vintage enamel flower brooches.

This is a set of two adorable flower-shaped brooches. One is made of metal, and the other, the smaller one, is made of resin with a metal center. Both flower brooches are black and white and date back to the 1960s or 1970s. The backs of these old-fashioned brooches are black, with the larger one having a diameter of 70 mm and the smaller one diameter of 60 mm. You can use these flower brooches as simple vintage jewelry or in various creative projects, such as floral decoration on lampshades, hair accessories, embellishments for photo frames, table decorations, or even as ornaments on belts, bags, and hats.

You will receive two broaches:
Black and white
One brooch measures 70x70 mm, the other brooch measures 60x60 mm
Weight: 12 and 11 g
Possible use: Photo Frames decoration, fashionable hair accessories, table Centerpiece Accents, floral decoration for hats and belt

Thank you for exploring these two beautiful black jewelry pieces from the past!

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