where to get brooches for bouquet

Seven wonderful ways to use vintage brooches on your wedding day

If you're like me, you love a little vintage flair on your wedding day.

Whether you have a vintage brooch from your grandmother or you love to shop at our favorite store, ZaZa of Canada, or you simply love to repurpose beautiful things, we are sharing...  


Seven wonderful ways to use vintage brooches on your wedding day.


Brooch bouquets

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We've all seen it on Pinterest, but truth be told, until you have seen one of these sparkling stunners in person, you really cannot conceive just how beautiful they are! The best part is that these beautiful "blooms" last forever. They can become a lovely decor piece following your wedding or even a new family heirloom! In Nashville, these brooch bouquets are all the rage. We're still swooning over the one Miranda Lambert carried down the aisle. 

Something Old, Something New and Something Blue

where to get brooches for bouquet
An elegant vintage brooch is the perfect choice for your something old, but where to put it? One of our favorite accents is when it is added to your wedding day purse. If you really want to step it up a notch, we recommend purchasing one of the beautiful blue brooches from ZaZa of Canada for your something blue, too! Then, all you will need is to slip something borrowed into your clutch and you're good to go!

Honor a Loved One on Your Wedding Day

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Some vintage brooches feature a space for a photo, which is the perfect way to have your loved ones close. If they don't, your local craft stores often sell charms with a space for a photo that can easily be attached to the pin back of your brooch mixing the vintage with the modern adding a polished look to the base of your bouquet. 

Step Up That Updo

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Whether you're a glam, boho, or vintage bride, an alluring bit of shimmer is truly the finishing touch that your updo needs. By attaching your brooch to a hair clip, hair comb or a feathery fascinator it keeps the allure going well after you remove your veil. 

Stroll the Aisle in Style

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Why would you spend all that time and attention finding the perfect gown only to neglect your shoes? This is the most important walk of your life...add sparkle to your step by adding some elegant vintage brooch shoe clips.

Accessorize the Dress

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And speaking of your stunning wedding gown, why not give it a little glam? Pin a beautiful brooch to your sash! Keep in mind ladies, it doesn't have to be directly centered, either. An off center sparkle or even one attached to the back to keep those ribbons tied tight are an excellent placement point. 

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Glam Up Your Garter

Don't forget to collect up all your "detail" items for your photographer before the big day. Those photos are often the most treasured since those "details" are often overlooked by the bride and groom as they are caught up in the whirlwind of the wedding day. So before you slide your garter set (one for keeping and one for tossing) be sure to give it a little glam with a gorgeous rhinestone brooch. After all, isn't everything a little better with some sparkle?
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