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Brighten All Your Projects with Glass Button Embellishments from Zaza of Canada 

Add sparkle, sheen, or vintage-inspired charm to your crafts or home decor with glass buttons from Zaza of Canada. We feature an expansive selection of curated glass buttons in a dizzying array of styles and designs. When perusing our collections, you’ll find fancy glass buttons, rhinestone buttons, Czech buttons, antique fashion buttons, and more. Zaza’s founder obtains her stock of vintage buttons from all over the world--Italy, Japan, France, and other destinations that are celebrated for their vintage baubles. Whether you’re shopping for buttons to use in your jewelry creations, to embellish home decor items, or to fasten your latest sewing creations, you’ll find that Zaza of Canada’s selection is impressive--and pricing is fair and affordable.


Czech Glass Buttons

Today, vintage Czech glass buttons are among the most collectible buttons in the world. Artisans and crafters often feature these mini works of art as focal points for clothing, jewels, or home decor items like lamp shades or drapery embellishments. The first Czech buttons date to the late 1700s when Czech craftsmen advanced the glass-making technology of the day to create their vibrant glass button designs. Today, these luxurious buttons are still produced, but collectors still prize the vintage examples. Zaza of Canada features a dazzling assortment of Czech glass beads from various eras and featuring different designs. 


Jewel Buttons

You can add focal point flair to your latest jewelry or clothing creation with jewel buttons from Zaza of Canada. Featuring stunning Bohemian glass in vibrant gem-like hues will help you create a one-of-a-kind piece. Search for jewel buttons that boast sunset hues of amber, rich emerald shades, marine blues, and fiery reds. Zaza of Canada’s collection is curated; that means that each item is carefully inspected for quality as well as visual appeal. If you’re shopping for jewel buttons for your next sewing project, you’ll have a wide range to choose from on the company’s website.


Fancy Buttons

Did you know that you can completely enliven an old top or dress simply by swapping its plain buttons with fancy buttons from Zaza of Canada? Our collection of fancy buttons includes unique embossed designs, metal accents, glass stones, painted designs, and more. Search for fancy buttons by shape like hearts or ovals. We feature buttons with botanical designs as well as multi-stone accents. Perfect for jewelry making, sewing, and other arts and crafts, our buttons will lend wow factor to your creations.


Old Fashioned Buttons

Old fashioned and vintage buttons never seem to go out of style. That’s because of their artistry and high quality. We have old fashioned buttons that are perfect for Christmas decor and other holiday crafts. A button embellishment might just be the icing on the cake for your next great home decor project or sewing creation.

Before you wonder where to buy fancy buttons, remember that Zaza of Canada is always adding new button finds to our selection. Our store purchases from a network of suppliers all over the world. Many of our vintage lovelies hail from estate sales, antique shops, and art shops from cities that are world-famous for their arts traditions. Be sure to explore our collection of vintage buttons today. Visit us often to find out what’s new.

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