Where to donate fabric and sewing supplies?

If you’ve been sewing for any length of time, you probably have a stash full of all sorts of fabrics, buttons, and sewing supplies that you never seem to use. If you’re looking to declutter or downsize your sewing stash, read on for some ideas on how to get your items to someone who would love and use them!

Thrift Shops

Where to donate fabric and sewing supplies

Of course, thrift shops are the first thing that you probably think of. We all have thrift and charity shops nearby – and you can certainly use them to donate your extra fabric and sewing supplies. However, sometimes thrift shops can be overwhelmed with too much fabric and crafting supplies – and depending on your area, these items can be slow to sell and may still eventually end up in the trash.


Recycling Centers

Where to donate fabric and sewing supplies


Another option is recycling extra fabrics and scrap fabrics. Unfortunately, most areas do not accept textiles in your regular recycling bin. To recycle your fabrics, you will need to do some research to find a recycling center near you that accepts textiles.


Destash Groups

There are Facebook groups out there just for finding new homes for sewing and crafting supplies. In many of these groups you can post your items and either sell or give them away to people who want them.

Where to donate fabric and sewing supplies

Craft Swaps

If you know other people in your area who are into sewing, try organizing a local craft swap! This is an event where people can bring their unwanted supplies and swap them with others, refreshing your stash and giving it new life! You can also look for this type of event in local social media groups.

Donate It Directly to Someone Who Needs It

Finally, if you can do it, finding someone in your area who could use your fabric and sewing supplies and giving them your items directly is one of the best ways to donate. Perhaps there’s a child you know who wants to learn to sew, maybe a fashion design student, or someone who can’t afford to buy their own fabric.


Where to donate fabric and sewing supplies

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