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What Is Boho chic?

what is boho chic

What Is Boho chic?

How does Sienna Miller pull off the stunning outfits that seem a little bit eccentric? Well, Sienna and many other celebrities have embraced the boho-chic style. Boho-chic is part bohemian and part chic. It is influenced by the two. The style combines folk-inspired pieces, color, organic materials with sleek, simple pieces with a modem feel. Floaty skirts, oversized clothes, sheepskin boots, cropped jackets, tiered gowns are just some of the boho-chic clothing and even hobo bags! Layering is also done with different pieces that come together to create an amazing symmetry.
Boho-chic is a short way of saying the bohemian style. The bohemian style emerged prominently in the ’60s and ’70s. It had existed before then but the hippie movement made it very popular. Modern influences have taken it from being a hippie only fashion style to a hip style that can be worn by anyone. Modernism has not changed the fact that it is artistic, effortless and comfortable.



Using natural fabrics, layering diverse textures, an emphasis on comfort and loads of accessories which are often bright and colorful are just some of the things that make up boho-chic. Tassels and fringes are frequently used to achieve the free-spirited look. The style favors natural tones and colors, using ethnic designs, floral patterns and a hint of avant-garde. For jewelry, fringed necklaces, leather cuffs, beaded bracelets, and charm bracelets and Vintage jewelry are used. Boho-chic Footwear includes Ankle boots with embroidered sides, gladiator sandals, embellished moccasins, and hand-woven shoes.
There are no hard and fast rules as to what to wear when dressing boho-chic. It depends on your personal aesthetic. Boho-chic about a comfortable individualistic style. It is very bold with the use of patterned and bright accessories or even the clothes themselves! You do not have to worry about it being overwhelming. As a plain backdrop balances out everything else. Think whites, greys and other subtle colors. Then layer your bright pieces and get your perfect look.


Boho-chic can be incorporated into minimalism. The best thing about boho-chic is that can mix and match almost anything. Therefore, eliminating the need for many pieces. If you do not like bright colors, there are beautiful muted bohemian options, from dresses to jewelry. Choose a color palette to suit you. See, no hard and fast rules.
Even your home can be boho-chic. Mix patterns and textures and even use styles together in a different way. Go for items that are not new and shiny to accessorize. You can also layer exotic fabrics on furniture. Put up tapestries to add texture on your wall alongside art pieces. Remember to balance overwhelming color with muted items. All these against a backdrop of very light color will give your home a boho-chic feel.

Boho-chic is not just a trend.

It is adopted as a lifestyle with its principles of freedom and individualism. The boho-chic individual lets comfort define their style and life. To be unconventional and creative and to be yourself.


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