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What Does Your Vintage Dress Style Say About You!

Are you a vintage dress diva?

What does your vintage dress style say about you!? If the idea of adorning and owning the styles from the sixties, seventies, and eighties make you feel empowered, then you are in the right place.

There is so much rich culture behind your chosen style of vintage clothes, as it tells as much about you now as it did for the women who wore it when the style was popular.

Here are three beautiful styles that were as sought after for their unique designs as they were for the meaning the women were trying to portray.


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Vintage Shift Dress

The vintage shift dress is synonymous with independence. Hanging away from the body, this attractive dress was worn by many 60’s women who were unhappy with the status quote of gender inequality. vintage dress style

According to Startup Fashion, this dress freed women from the typical, restrictive fashions of the day. This dress was comfortable and allowed women to move easier and be themselves.

The vintage shift dress was also a staple of the party-culture, related to the flapper dress, which signified the right for women to have fun, just like their male counterpart.

Vintage Tent Dress

The vintage tent dress is another free-flowing dress that represented the social change in the 60’s, that was brought about by the youth. Stylish Wife reports that instead of settling for bland colors and drab patterns, the vintage tent dress inspired designers to start creating patterns with bold colors.

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Soon, a vintage tent dress style was not only comfortable, but it was also fun to wear. This style was colorful and enabled the wearer to be as daring as they wanted, showcasing the color of their soul in a truly outward expression of their personality.

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Vintage Mexican Dress

Keeping with the bold and brightly decorated motif of the age, the vintage Mexican dress is another way to be able to showcase your inner excitement for color.

This dress usually drapes down to the wearer’s ankles in a light fabric, to protect them from the sun. Many of these dresses are embroidered, by hand, with gorgeous flowers and while there are some white vintage Mexican dresses, yellow, pink, and green baseline colors are popular.

Additionally, many of these dresses were adorned with flower pins, which added to the individualization of the women wearing the attire.

Stunning representations of the vintage Mexican Dress can be found at Zaza of Canada.



In summation, the styles we wear are an outward representation of our soul, our passions, and our personality.

Knowing the secrets and history sewn within the threads of a vintage dress solidifies your commitment, not only to your fashion sense but your connection to women who have come before and the impact you are making on the women that will come after you.

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