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button doll tutorial

If you need a way to use up the massive collection of buttons cluttering up your sewing room, or you just love adorable, simple crafts – this button doll tutorial is for you!


What you need:

How to Make a Button Doll

First, sort your buttons to decide which ones you want to use; it’s best to pick buttons that are relatively similar in size for the legs and arms, plus some slightly larger ones for the torso. You can also sort by color and choose one color (blue, perhaps) for the legs so that it will look like jeans and another color for the torso. You can be creative with it – it’s your doll!

Next, cut two pieces of wire about 2 feet long and fold each one in half. Thread one of the smaller wooden beads onto each wire – these are your doll’s feet! Next, stack the buttons you want to use for your doll’s pants onto each of the two wires until you have two legs that are the same length. You can decide how long you want the legs to be!

Then thread several slightly larger buttons through all four wire ends together to form the torso of the doll and connect the legs.

Once you’ve made it to where you want the arms to be, split the four ends of the wires so that one end goes right, one goes left, and the other two go straight up.

Thread the right and left wires with buttons to form the arms, finishing each off with a small wooden bead. Secure each arm wire by wrapping it over the bead and around the wire below the bead. Trim away any excess wire from the ends of the arms.

Next, complete the torso of your doll by threading the two remaining wire ends with a couple buttons to form the neck. You’ve now got an almost-completed, headless doll - top it off with the large wooden bead! Once again, secure the ends of your wire by wrapping them down over the bead and around the wire below. Trim away any excess wire and your adorable button doll is done!


  Little Girl Dancing 

This doll was made by a very special lady and talented artist, harpist and vocalist Mair Rathburn.


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 button doll tutorial

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