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How to wear Mexican blouse?

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How to wear a Mexican blouse?

Wearing Mexican style tops is always a challenge, even to me, who wears on Mexican clothing almost all summer long. Why? Because they are often very colorful with large patterns.

So, I'd rather change the title of this blog to: how to wear a Mexican shirt without looking like a parrot.

I'm not talking here about a beach or a fancy dress party where you would be… Frida Kahlo. I would happily let you wear your maxi skirt, large hoop earrings, a small embroidered top while being bare feet... this would all look splendid on your pretty tanned skin.
I'm talking about how to wear a Mexican peasant blouse in town, for a chic cocktail party or even at work: how to wear a Mexican blouse without looking like Esmeralda.
What we want is contrast. A Mexican blouse worn with a classic outfit and a little "boyish cut" can be the most elegant way to promote the culture of Mexico.


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Wear a Mexican floral blouse in the city!

Suppose that you live in South San Francisco, or that it is summertime. Because in January, in Toronto, the Mexican embroidered top will be under your big down jacket.
Mexican tops for ladies are shaped quite loosely, so a pair of slim-fit denim trousers will be perfect. You can wear them with a nice pair of tennis shoes that match the flowers on your blouse, and you're guaranteed to turn heads.
If you want to achieve the boho-chic look of Sienna Miller, you should rather choose bell-bottoms in velvet or denim, which you would wear with platform sandals or trainers.
In both cases, it's a matter of simplicity: no flashy jewelry, except on your hands.


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How to wear a Mexican blouse at a chic cocktail party?

All Mexican embroidery is terrific in every aspect. However, I believe that for a chic cocktail party, the most appropriate embroidery would be the most discreet and delicate. It would also be the most expensive one. I am talking about the blouses from the city of Oaxaca. I admit that traditional Mexican shirts and dresses from Oaxaca are getting increasingly difficult to find and that there are not many on sale. Indeed, I always keep an open eye because these blouses always are a pure wonder.
You will wear this type of blouse or embroidered top at a cocktail party with straight black or white trousers and heels. You can match it with a warm alpaca shawl to leave your pretty shoulders bare without getting too cold.
This kind of outfit would also be perfect for a country wedding.


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How to wear a Mexican blouse at work?

Of course, it all depends on the workplace. If you work in an office or a store, the Mexican style peasant blouse is certainly quite suitable. More still, it will attract compliments and questions because an authentic Mexican peasant blouse of good quality are difficult to find.
Once again, choose here a blouse with discreet tones, simple flowers, and an elegant cut.


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Mexican style women's blouses are charming for any occasion.

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They are folkloric and colorful, but can also have softer, pastel embroidery shades, with more discreet flowers. Do not hesitate to wear them on any occasion.



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