how to wear hoop earrings

How to wear hoop earrings

How to wear hoop earrings casually, sizeable thin hoop earrings

How to wear big hoop earrings

Hoops have had a long journey, in and out of pop culture. Hoop earrings are, of course, timeless classics, and they compliment an excellent fashion sense, without a doubt. Spin your simple look with a colored hoop or a textured one; provided it goes well with your chosen outfit. Which it will! Because nothing is as complementary to your look as a versatile piece of jewelry.

The larger hoop earrings became popular in the 1980s, but have never entirely gone out of style ever since. This simple piece of jewelry adds instant spice to your look. Big hoop earrings are made up of a variety of materials, like plastic, metal, wood, and even ceramic. They come in a variety of sizes too, including large ones, small ones, the large thin hoop earrings, and a lot more. Whether or not the shape of the hoop earring goes well with your outfit or your face, is determined by many factors. Here is a guide on how to wear hoop earrings casually.

So what are the right hoops for you?

Big hoop earrings can be a great piece of jewelry for any occasion, whether you are going for a formal look with a top and a skirt, or if you are going to your outdoor neighborhood Bar B Q function wearing a slack, casual look. Here are a few helpful tips for choosing the right style of big hoop earrings.

Earrings that go with short hair

If you have short hair, good news! You can experiment with a variety of hoop earrings, as you can and will make any style look good on that volume of hair. The options are unlimited. These earrings are going to add the perfect amount of romance to your look, no matter what you choose to wear.



Earrings that go with long hair

If you have long hair, the first thing you need to take care of is the hair getting tangled within your large hoop earrings. It is not only going to make you uncomfortable, but it is also going to spoil that appealing look you are aiming for as well. Unlike short hair, long hair needs to be tied up or swung back before pulling off that perfect look with the large hoop earrings.

Match the earrings with the shape of your neck

If you think your neck is short, try wearing oval shaped large hoop earrings. Most of the times, what people expect to see is circular hoops, so the oval shape of your earrings is going to create an unexpected illusion, and is going to make your neck look longer. Win-win!

Match the earrings with the shape of your face

Choose the width of the earrings that go with your face. If the shape of your face is round, wear more extensive earrings. It will balance your appearance out by covering your face from the sides. If the shape of your face is long or narrow, consider wearing thin hoop earrings so that they don’t cover much of your face.



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