how to style a maxi dress

How to style a maxi dress.

How to style a maxi dress?

A good question since the maxi dress is now a seasonless wardrobe essential.

A Maxi dress is most popular for its flowy and comfortable design. Maxi dresses are like a blessing to every girl’s wardrobe because they can be worn for different occasions and styled differently. For the ladies that aren’t really big on getting different stylish outfits for different seasons or occasions, Maxi dresses are perfect for you. Another amazing thing about Maxi dresses is that they fit just every lady regardless of the shape, size, or height. Now, you know how convenient Maxi dresses are but you also need to get a guide on how to style them properly for different occasions and seasons.

Easy Tips On Styling Maxi Dresses

Wear It With A Jacket: When wearing a Maxi dress, you can spice up the look with a jacket in a similar color shade as the dress fabric. By doing this, you get a chic look and keep yourself warm especially during the winter time. You can also style your Maxi dress with a corporate blazer to make you look more formal for work. You can complement your outfit more by adding really cute pieces of jewelry and really nice accessories.

Wear It With A Scarf: Scarfs are really becoming trendy again and with that, you can use it to bring your outfit together. You can decide to wear the scarf on your head tied in a cute way or you can also tie it on your neck loosely. To make the scarf compliment your outfit, even more, pick a scarf that has a similar color in your Maxi dress. You’ll need cute necklaces and earrings to bring this look together. You can easily wear this during the summer and look really chic and elegant.

Wear It With A Belt: For the ladies that love to emphasize their figures, accessorizing your Maxi dress with a belt is definitely for you. Any type of belt will go well to bring your outfit together. Another tip to make this look more amazing is to match your purse or bag with the belt. An off-the-shoulder bag or a cute handbag should do the trick. You can decide to use any type of jewelry to pull the look together. Also, you can decide to style your hair up or completely down depending on the occasion.

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Wear It With Sneakers: You can never go wrong with sneakers as long as you style them properly. If you are wearing an ankle length Maxi dress, sneakers will be perfect for that. Not all ladies love flats or heels and maybe it’s just a casual outing so, sneakers will go perfectly with the look. White or light colored sneakers are preferable with a cool colored Maxi dress. This look can be accessorized with a jacket depending on the season, or the occasion or without any top cover. This will create a really casual and chic look which can be topped up with really cute jewelry.

Mix Up The Colors: When wearing a Maxi dress, you can do a little bit of color blocking. For example, a green Maxi dress accessorized with a yellow blazer or jacket, a peach purse, and white heels. If you know that you know how to match colors well then you should be able to create a really classy look with your Maxi dress.

The truth about fashion is that as long as you know the basics, you can come up with your own style.

No need to get worked up about where to get different Maxi dresses and beautiful accessories.


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