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How to make unique evening clutches with diamante buttons

How to make unique evening clutches with diamante buttons

Are you in need of some sparkle in your style? Accessories like clutch purses are the perfect way to incorporate some glittery crystals into your wardrobe without going over-the-top with an extravagant, look-at-me outfit. It’s also the perfect sophisticated touch to an elegant evening look that will allow you to carry around all your must-have items in style.
Unfortunately, those high-end, crystal-embellished clutches are expensive! I mean, take a look at this peacock-design, jewel-encrusted clutch – it’s absolutely gorgeous! But the price tag is over $300… that’s a commitment you may not be ready to take on!ç

Fortunately, you can DIY your very own sparkly evening clutch by embellishing a basic clutch purse with diamante buttons.



What are diamante buttons?

Diamante buttons and glitter buttons are ornate, elegant buttons made with faceted faux jewels. They are often made with intricate metal designs that are encrusted with high-quality glass or crystal jewels. These sophisticated buttons can be used to add a stylish, high-end look to your wardrobe, such as making your own evening clutch!
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What sizes and types of glitter buttons are there?

Glitter buttons come in just about any size and shape you could want! There are massive, intricately designed, jewel-encrusted buttons like these. Or elegant, uniquely shaped buttons like these apple buttons or these bee-shaped buttons. You can also find many options for smaller diamante buttons if you want a more subtle embellishment.
You can find a range of different types of glitter buttons – they can be made from glass, crystal, or rhinestones. These buttons also come in the form of standard sew-on buttons or snap buttons.

How to choose the perfect glitter buttons for your project

When choosing glitter buttons for your project, you will want to keep in mind the quality of the buttons, the look you are going for, and your budget.
  • button quality: When shopping for diamante buttons for your project, remember that the quality can range quite a bit. Higher quality crystal and glass buttons will look more realistic and elegant. So, if you can afford it, try to find well-made glitter buttons, and avoid the cheaper options.
  • the look you are going for: You can find a large selection of colors, sizes, and shapes of glitter buttons on the market. Try to choose colors that complement each other and the outfit you plan to wear the buttons with. Also, if you want a quirkier look, get some statement buttons in fun shapes.
  • your budget: We don’t like to talk about money, but you don’t want to blow your savings buying hundreds of super high-end diamante buttons! If you’re on a tight budget, create your design in a way that limits the number of buttons you need to use. For example, you could embellish a clutch with a few fancy buttons – perhaps one large statement button surrounded by a few smaller ones.     

   How to make a clutch purse with diamante buttons?

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for – how do you actually make your jewel-encrusted evening clutch with diamante buttons?
It’s actually pretty simple if you follow these easy steps:
  1. Look for inspiration
  2. Draw out your design
  3. Find a basic clutch in a shape you like
  4. Find the right diamante buttons to bring your design to life
  5. Play with the button placement on the clutch and mark where you want them placed
  6. Sew or glue your glitter buttons onto the clutch

Step One: look for inspiration

First, look through Google, Pinterest, and Instagram to find some inspiration photos of the type of jewel-encrusted clutch you want to make. Pay attention to the shape of clutch that you like, the size and density of the jewel design, and the colors you are drawn to.

Step Two: draw out your design

With your inspiration photos nearby, grab a piece of paper and a sketch book and draw out roughly how you want your design to look. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it’s just something to have on hand as you look for your supplies!

Step Three: find a basic clutch in a shape you like

Once you have an idea of what you want your clutch to look like, it’s time to start shopping! Find a basic clutch in a color and shape that fits the design you have in mind.
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Step Four: find the right diamante buttons to bring your design to life

Once you’ve found the perfect clutch, you also need to find the diamante buttons that will bring that whole thing together. With your sketch close by, find some buttons that will complement each other and the clutch as a whole.
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Step Five: play with the button placement on the clutch and mark it out
Once you have both your clutch and buttons ready to go – start experimenting with the placement of the buttons on the clutch by moving them around until it matches your vision. Once you’re happy with how it looks, mark the placement of the center of each button with a pencil.  
Step Six: sew or glue your glitter buttons onto the clutch
Finally, simply sew or glue your buttons onto their corresponding pencil marks. If the clutch is fabric, you can sew the buttons on with a hand sewing needle. However, if the clutch is a hard-sided purse, you will need to glue the buttons on with a couple dots of glue from a glue gun.
You are now ready to hit the town with your elegant, sparkly, evening clutch! 
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