How to Make Kentucky Derby Hats

How to Make Kentucky Derby Hats
How to Embellish a Hat

Hats are the perfect accessory to add to your outfit to take it to the next level. They are perfect as they are but adding a bit of embellishment to them makes them amazing. Here are 7 easy ideas for your hats:

Use a Necklace

For a boho chic vibe, tie a statement necklace around the bottom of your hat. It doesn’t permanently alter your hat but gives it a new look.

Use a Ribbon

Depending on the size of your hat, choose the width of your ribbon; wider ribbons go well with larger hats. You can either glue the ribbon on the hat to fit the size or tie a bow leaving long ends that can trail down the side of your hat.

Use a Headband

You could use any fancy headband made of beads or pearls or even flowers and add it around the hat. You could add ribbons to the ends of the band and tie them at the back if 

you are scared it will fall off. It makes your hat look so sophisticated and so much more expensive than it actually might have been!

Use Feathers and Flowers

Here’s how to make Kentucky derby hats if you don’t want to spend a fortune purchasing one. Take a beach straw hat and buy a large flower and feather along with some netting and tulle. You can easily get these products at Michael’s.


Take some tulle and tie it around the base of your hat with the knot at the back, cut the tulle at an angle to how long you want the embellishment to be. Repeat that with a longer piece of tulle so you’ll have 4 strands hanging off the hat. You can pin this tulle in place with a hat pin or hot glue it. Now add the flowers and feathers in the angle you want. The best way is to wear it in front of a mirror and see how it looks on you as that’s a better estimate than looking at it on the table in front of you. After that cut off the stems with just enough remaining to insert into the stem, hot glue it in place, and tie the ends of the tulle into a big fluffy boy. And there you have it; it is ready.

Use a Scarf

Take a thin scarf, preferably silk, and tie it around the hat with the ends left long. You could let the ends of the scarf trail behind you or pull them towards your shoulder.

Use a Vintage Belt

Vintage belts look amazing when worn with pants and even better on hats! You can even get it from a thrift store if you don’t already own one. They have a lot of wear and tear at the ends but you can just chop those parts off. Take the belt, wrap it around the hat to measure and cut the excess off and make a hole where needed to fit your hat. Wrap it around your hat and you’re done!

Use Buttons

Glass buttons or diamante flower buttons are both great options to add to hats.

You could stitch them, pin them or hot glue them in place and really turn your old hat into a new one!

 button embellishmentshow to embellish a hat

Final Thoughts

Simple hats can be given a new with a few effortless and inexpensive embellishments. Try some of these and wear one hat in 7 different ways!


flower embellishments for headbands 

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