How to Make a Mothers Day Card with Flower-Shaped Buttons

How to Make a Mother's Day Card with Flower-Shaped Buttons?

how to make a mother's day card



How to Make a Mother’s Day Card with Flower-Shaped Buttons?

Tired of giving the moms in your life the same old big-box-store Mother’s Day cards? Instead, make a beautifully unique fabric Mother’s Day card that can be displayed or used as a mug rug or coaster. Plus, bring it all together by adding gorgeous flower-shaped buttons!

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Supplies to Make a Mother’s Day Card with Buttons

  • 2 squares of fabric, on for the front and one for the back of the card
  • Quilt batting
  • Quilt binding or bias tape
  • Flower-shaped buttons
  • Basic sewing supplies

How to Make a Fabric Mother’s Day Card with Buttons

Step 1: Cut Your Fabric

First, cut a square of fabric for the front of the card. It’s totally up to you what size you want to make your card.

Next, cut a piece of batting about 1 inch larger than the card front on all sides. Then, cut a piece of fabric for the back that is about 2 inches larger than the card front on all sides.

Layer the materials with the front fabric on top, the batting in the middle, and the back fabric on the bottom. Secure the layers together either with pins or basting spray.

Step 2: Quilt the Card

Quilt through all the layers of the fabric card to secure the 3 layers together. If you’re not confident in your quilting skills, you can keep it simple – just sew a grid of straight lines across the fabric. You can even mark in your stitching lines with a fabric marker before sewing!

Step 3: Decorate the Card

Next up is the really fun part – decorating the card! If you’d like, add some iron-on applique or hand embroidery to your card. Then, lay out the flower-shaped buttons on your card, finding an arrangement you like. Then, hand stitch the buttons in place.

Step 4: Bind the Card

Finally, bind the raw edges of the card with either regular quilt binding or bias tape. Your awesome handmade Mother’s Day card is finished!

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