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How to Make a Brooch Bouquet with a Styrofoam Ball

How to Make a

Brooch Bouquet

with a Styrofoam Ball

A beautiful brooch bouquet is a fun way to personalize your wedding décor. Whether you’re making it for just yourself, or for all your bridesmaids – brooch bouquets are a stylish way to nix the standard floral arrangements and make something you (and your bridesmaids) can cherish forever!

What you’ll need
How to Make a Brooch Bouquet with a Styrofoam Ball

Steps to Make a Beautiful Brooch Bouquet

  1. Attach the handle

  2. Decorate the handle and base of the bouquet

  3. Prepare the decorations

  4. Fill in your bouquet with beautiful brooches, flowers, and more

Step One: attach the handle

First, place one end of your wooden dowel against the center of the flat side of your foam half ball and trace around it with a pen or pencil.

Take your knife and cut out a hole in the foam about 2-3 inches deep using the traced dowel-sized circle as your guide for the width. Check to make sure your dowel will fit into the hole – you don’t want to start gluing until you’ve double checked!

Next, spread hot glue into the hole and on one end of the dowel. Glue the dowel into the hole. You’ve got a handle!

Step Two: decorate the handle and base of the bouquet

To give your handle some pizzaz, wrap ribbon around it to cover that unsightly wood – make sure to glue it in place as you go. You can also decorate your dowel with some beautiful lace if you want to!

You’ll also want to cover the flat base of the foam ball with some cute decorations to make it look more put together. You could glue a feather boa around the base or decorate the bottom of the foam with folded over pieces of ribbon.

Step Three: prepare the decorations

Bling buttons

The flowers and bling now need to be prepared so they can be put into your bouquet arrangement.

Cut the stalks of your silk flowers to 3-4 inches long. For the brooches, prepare pieces of floral wire about 5 inches long. Fold one end of each piece of wire into a little loop (about ½ inch across) and fold the loop down 90 degrees to make a flat wire “table” for the brooch to sit on. Glue the flat looped end of each wire to the underside of a brooch to form a whole pile of brooches with stems.

Step Four: fill in your bouquet with beautiful brooches, flowers, and more

Now that the basis for your one-of-a-kind bouquet is in place and ready to go – the real creativity can start!

Simply arrange your flower and brooch stems across the surface of the styrofoam ball, inserting the wire into the foam to secure each piece to the bouquet. You can also add a little dot of glue to the end of each wire to make absolutely sure you won’t have any bouquet disasters on your big day – you don’t want any pieces falling out of your stunning brooch arrangement on your way up the aisle!

You can arrange your bouquet however you like, just let your creativity flow! One way to arrange a brooch bouquet that looks really beautiful is to cover the entire surface of the foam half ball with flowers, then go back in with the brooches and add them on top of the flowers to fill in any gaps and add some bling. You can also add in other decorations, such as faux pearl necklaces draped and pinned across the bouquet or even feathers to add fullness.

However you arrange your bouquet is perfect – enjoy creating your unique, personalized brooch bouquet!


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