How to make a bouquet with fancy buttons


how to make a bouquet with fancy buttons


If a traditional wedding with all those beautiful flowers that will wilt and die within weeks isn’t your thing – try making a button bouquet!

Not only is it gorgeous and just a little bit funky, but your bouquet will last forever! You’ll always have it as a keepsake from your wedding day, and it’s a great home décor piece. You’ll never have to buy flowers again since you’ve got buttons!

Read on for how to make your personalized, unconventional button bouquet; but first here’s what you’ll need!
What you’ll need

Now let’s get into the DIYing!

how to make a button bouquet


Step One

First, gather up the buttons you want to use for your bouquet and lay them out on your table (or floor). I recommend choosing buttons in a large range of different sizes. The more varied sizes and shapes you have, the more off-beat and quirky your bouquet will look. Including 2 or 3 “statement” buttons will add visual interest – for example, a super-sized button in the shape of something meaningful to you – or just in a color you love!

Step Two

Cut your first piece of wire. A piece about 2 feet long will work great for a standard sized bouquet – if you want an adorable mini-sized one, go ahead and cut your wire shorter. Next, fold the piece of wire in half. Thread your first button onto the wire by pushing the ends of the wire through the holes of the button and pushing the button up to the folded end of the wire. To add more detail and depth, try stacking multiple buttons onto a single wire by threading smaller buttons first, followed by larger buttons. Once you’re happy with your very first “stem” - twist the ends of the wire together all the way up to the buttons to secure them in place.

Step Three

Repeat that process over and over… and over… and over… and over… and over again until you have all your stems formed. For a large bouquet, you’ll likely need over 100 stems!

Step Four

Once all your stems are ready and looking good, arrange them so that you like the layout of the buttons. Try to vary the button sizes across your bouquet rather than grouping large buttons together and small buttons together. Once you like how it’s arranged, twist all the ends of your wires together to hold everything in place and form your handle.

Step Five

Bend the wires to arrange the buttons in a nice circular shape – just mess with it until you’re happy with how it looks! You can also add in feathers or other decorative elements at this point. Then wrap your wire handle with a thick layer of floral tape to make sure nothing will move and your hands will be protected from any wire ends.

Step Six

Finally, we’re almost done! Whew, that was hours… maybe days… of work!

To finish off your bouquet, wrap the handle with ribbon and/or lace to decorate it and hide that wonky-looking floral tape. Enjoy your funky, unique bouquet – and the compliments that come with it!



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