How to fix a snap button on a jacket

How to fix a snap button on a jacket.

Using Snap Buttons Successfully

Snap fasteners are fabulous button substitutes in many creative applications.  They avoid the spacing and sewing of buttonholes.  Snap buttons even look like regular shank buttons, as the male part of the snap is adorned with a decorative cap.  For example, see these pearl bee snap buttons from Zaza of Canada.


how to fix a snap button on a jacket


Sew-On Snaps

Some snaps are sewn to the garment by hand.  Use buttonhole twist or a double strand of waxed hand sewing thread to match the garment.  Heavy-duty button and carpet thread may be used on heavier jackets and coats, but it comes in fewer colors than the buttonhole twist or topstitching thread.

Tool-Set Snaps

Many decorative snaps are applied with the use of a special tool. This tool resembles a pair of pliers.  The top of the snap has two parts: the upper decorative part and the part beneath that holds it to the fabric. These parts are placed in opening in the pliers, then the pliers are placed to pinch these parts together at the point where the snap is to be applied.  One squeeze of the pliers and the snap is firmly and irreversibly in place.  The process is then repeated for the bottom half of the snap at the corresponding point on the underpart of the placket.  Practice on a scrap of fabric with the same number of layers of fabric and interfacing as the garment.  Any attempt to remove the snap once applied will leave scars in the garment fabric.


how to fix a snap button on jeans


Fixing Problems

Before using snap buttons, be sure the male and female parts of the snap fit together snugly.  If the fit is loose, get some basic snaps one size smaller and use those parts with the decorative part of your snaps.  Snaps can be purchased in bulk from dressmaker and tailor suppliers or in small quantities from fabric and craft stores.

What if the snaps have already been applied and there is a loose connection?  Try carefully painting the connection points with clear polyurethane or acrylic nail polish to make things just a tiny bit tighter—or replace the non-decorative half of the snap, since the scar from the old snap will not show.

Happy sewing and crafting with beautiful snap buttons!



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