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How to dress like a gypsy girl

How to dress like a gypsy girl

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Gypsy way of wearing some dresses is not about fashion only; this whole trend is a culture itself, which is worldwide known as Bohemian style. This type of style is beyond just strappy shoes and those dream catchers. The whole idea of bohemian style portrays the freedom and free thinking; it’s about comfort in oneself.

The layers and the lightness in their dress show the adventurous nature and every other accessory is comfortable yet beautiful, which can be carried easily and are inspired by nature. This type of trend does not bound you in something; this whole ideology provides you the most relaxed and effortless way of wearing things. Here are some tips and a brief idea of how to look like a gypsy girl.


Mexican fiesta blouse:

The boho inspired look is almost incomplete without a Mexican fiesta blouse. These tops make the whole bohemian look more happening as they mostly come with the bohemian type of embroidery on the neckline, but if embroidery is not your can go for the more fabric and less accessorized top. You can have it with a skirt or denim, some earthy jewels and a pair of a comfortable platform heel.


A maxi dress with gypsy style prints on it:

As the gypsy and hippies are mostly nature inspired and geometrical, so if you do not have a maxi dress with a nature-inspired print on it, you should know that the look is incomplete. You can wear the maxi with wedges and some stones as jewelry.


bohemian beads and buttons

Maxi skirt:

A simple maxi skirt is another perfect wardrobe thing if you are a bohemian fashion fan. The bohemian maxi skirt mostly comes in simple and breathable style. Sometimes it is pleated sometimes it comes in prints and sometimes a simple single color. This skirt gives you a whole free spirit look. They can go completely beautiful with a pair of sandals and if you like some bright color lipstick.


Some colorful earthy and chunky jewels:

When you go for the jewelry in boho chic look, there is light weighted and comfortable look it needs. The gypsies need to travel, and for adventure, they explore things. So they are near to nature than any other culture. The bohemian jewelry is more of stones and even a pair of hoop earrings, which gives a simple and earthy look to the whole outfit.


How to make boho bracelets

Making your own bracelets is simple, quick, and fun – and there are so many options for creating unique and beautiful bohemian bracelets. CLICK HERE FOR MORE...


Gladiator sandals:

The bohemian look is identified by some specific things. One of them is gladiator sandals. These sandals give the whole bohemian look a perfect gypsy touch. They are as summery as they could be, and as travelers needs, they complete the requirement of being lightweight.

A bell bottom jeans:

Skirts and maxi is a gypsy style identification. But a flared jeans is another must have if you want a chic boho look. The denim with skin fitting won’t go with the whole bohemian look. So the one thing that will give justice to the Mexican fiesta top of flared jeans.


Embrace your Gypsy Style with Bohemian Glass Buttons

Tired of boring buttons? Feel like your carefree, artsy style is being cramped by plain, run-of-the-mill buttons and snaps? You can switch out the buttons on clothes you already have in your closet for unique, boho glass buttons. Or add to your (probably extensive) accessory collection by incorporating quirky buttons into handmade necklaces and bracelets! There’s no better way to make sure your outfits are one-of-a-kind and reflect your personal style – plus, everyone will want to know where you found such cool buttons!

Nature Inspired Buttons

The earthy tones and free-spirited feel of boho style fit perfectly with nature inspired pieces. If you like a cutesy, boho chic look – go for bohemian glass buttons in the shape of flowers, stars, and other (perhaps a bit stereotypically) “cute” natural elements. These floral glass buttons will have you admiring your adorable style in the mirror all day long!

If cutesy just isn’t your thing, try something a little different – animal and insect shaped buttons! I mean, really, what’s more unique than wearing bugs on your clothes!? This lot of 3 complementary buttons includes a large butterfly button – so cool!

Chunky Jewel Toned Buttons

Not into nature? It’s ok, you don’t have to admit it; but maybe some chunky jewel toned buttons are more up your alley! There’s not much that makes more of a statement than some large jewel-inspired bohemian glass buttons! These rhinestone glass buttons will bring some pizzazz to your style and some pep to your step when you wear them out!


How to dress like a gypsy girl



bohemian beads and buttons


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