how to dress like a boho chic

How to dress boho Chic in winter?

The word boho is a short form of bohemian and boho style is the fashion that is inspired by the Bohemian culture. So, how to dress boho Chic in winter?

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Bohemian styled fashion has taken its inspiration from the hippie culture and fashion that was prevalent way back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Boho dresses have certain common elements that make them stand out amongst the rest. They are free and flowy dresses with different sort of prints and designs blended together to create an outfit. Majority of the dresses also have long sleeves like Mexican dresses.


how to dress boho chic

Many people often wish to dress up in boho fashion due to which they often scroll and search mostly on how to dress boho chic in winter.

Some of the most useful ways of dressing up like a Bohemian chic in winters is mentioned below:

  1. Try to wear long dresses and long skirts to follow the boho style even in winters. The dresses are casual but they can keep you warm. One can easily wear tights or jeggings with these dresses in order to stay comfortable during the winter season.
  2. Wear long and warm boho cardigans on flowy dresses to create a unique style statement. Go for a cardigan that has boho prints rather than going for a plain or a simple one.
  3. To achieve a different boho style you can also wear sleeveless leather jackets with either fur or fringes hanging over it. Jackets with flared bottoms are the perfect and easy to adopt boho fashion.
  4. If you wish to achieve an effortless look then simply go for peasant blouses. Peasant blouses with intricate and detailed embroidery on top can look classy and trendy.
  5. Boho dresses are supposed to be in certain color combinations. Try to choose autumn colors like deep red, green, brown, yellow, burgundy etc.

 how to look boho chic



how to dress boho chic

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