Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera


the elephant and the dove.

Mythical couples of painters, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera have lived a love story as passionate as artistic. Frida, the passionate and rebellious artist with colorful canvases and fashion unique and bright clothing. Diego, the venerated muralist painter of the Mexicans, the baby face artist. Frida's parents, who are not really happy about their daughter's relationship with this 20-year-old elder, and they describe him as an elephant with a dove. But Frida's heart cannot wait and she marries his Diego in 1929.or the elephant and the dove.

Despite Diego's famous infidelities, the couple moved together to California. Frida bears all of him, Rivera had even an affair with Kahlo's younger sister. She will also bear all of life: polio she has since she was a child, the consequences of an accident between a bus and a tram where she misses her life and repeated miscarriages. It is the life that hurts her incessantly, in the spine and in her heart.

In 1940, Frida and Diego remarry, may before the state of health of Frida really degrades. It is in her physical pain and in the sufferings of her extreme passion that Frida has certainly drawn inspiration to imagine these paintings and this unique dress style. These photos and paintings still flood social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. I'm still wondering what she would think of all those 20-year-old girls who say "Viva Frida" by wearing their little Mexican embroidered blouses.

She is now more famous than her Diego, at a time when the word of women resounds throughout the world.



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