Dress It up With Fancy Buttons

Are you tired of your wardrobe? You don't have to buy a whole new set of outfits — you can simply use fancy buttons to upgrade your collection!


Revamp Your Wardrobe Instantly: The Power of Fancy Buttons!

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Young people are taking to DIY fashion, repurposing, and upcycling in a way that is both exciting and unprecedented. With rising interests in spending wisely, shopping ethically, and creating 100% unique looks, it's no wonder that clothing has become the focus of this DIY fervor.

Having said that, there's no reason that you have to develop full-blow seamstress skills to participate in the fun! If you're looking for quick, cost-effective, and unique ways to spice up the wardrobe you already have, you've come to the right place.

Fancy buttons are a great way to turn your tired pieces into fashionable staples. With some great buttons and basic sewing skills, you can create some show-stopping looks.

Not sure where to start? Read on for our guide to enhancing your apparel with gorgeous fancy buttons!


How to Sew Fancy Buttons


How to Sew Fancy Buttons

First, let's talk about the easy-to-master skill of sewing fancy buttons onto any piece of clothing. Our fancy buttons are one-hole buttons, also known as shank buttons.

You will need:

  • A needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Fancy buttons
  • The garment you're going to dress up

Thread your needle and pull it through to double it. You want a tail that's at least ten inches long (which is twenty inches of thread, total). When you have a long enough tail, cut your thread and knot the two ends together two or three times so that it doesn't pull through your fabric.

With your free hand, hold your fancy button in place. You can decide before you start sewing where each button should go.

Push your needle through the underside of the fabric directly next to the buttonhole and pull until the knot catches against the fabric. Then, push the needle through the buttonhole and back into the fabric on the other side. Make sure you're not pushing the needle back through the hole you just made, but keep them close together.

Repeat this process until your thread is looped through the buttonhole at least five times. 

Finally, push the needle through the fabric so that it is on the underside of the fabric. Find one of the loops of thread you've created in the sewing process and use it to tie off the end of your thread. You will want to make two or three knots this way to secure the button.  


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Fancy Button Inspiration

Each year, the average Canadian throws out 81 pounds of textiles, making the fashion world a source of waste. Sometimes, we feel the urge to get rid of our clothing not because they're worn out but because we're tired of them. Let's take a look at three fun and easy ways that you can breathe new life into the clothing you have!

Turn a Plain Cami or Shirt Into a Statement Piece

We tend to buy plain camis or t-shirts to pair with other pieces. However, with the help of fancy buttons, we can turn those plain camis and t-shirts into their very own staples that will freshen up our wardrobe!

For example, sew a cluster of these crystal rhinestone buttons on to the sleeves of a t-shirt or down the strap of a cami for a fashionable military effect. 

Use these sewing charms to create a pattern in the center of the chest area of a shirt or off to the side on a breast pocket. Five of them sewn in a circle with their points facing inward would make an adorable flower shape!

Sew one of these bow-shaped glass buttons in the center of your collar for a cheeky vintage look.

These are just a few of the many ways that you could use fancy buttons to spruce up a plain cami or t-shirt. If you're feeling extra bold, you could even apply these same ideas to a patterned shirt!

Give a Skirt Some Asymmetrical Intrigue

Do you have a pencil skirt that isn't bringing you joy anymore? Are you tired of wearing that same silhouette over and over again? Adding some asymmetry to an otherwise symmetrical piece is a great way to add visual intrigue to your wardrobe.

You can use just about any fancy button collection to pull off this DIY makeover. We love to imagine these green glass buttons adding a pop of color to a black skirt! 

To pull off the asymmetrical design, you may want to start by putting the skirt on. Then, find a spot that's about halfway between the front center mark and the side of your hip. Mark that area with a fabric pen or safety pin, take the skirt off, and start sewing!

You can either create a straight vertical line of buttons or kick things up a notch and create a diagonal line that moves inward as the buttons move down the skirt. For the best results, leave about one to two inches between each button and use three to four buttons in total. 

Update a Sweater With Fancy Buttons

Sometimes, an old sweater just needs some new buttons. Pick out your favorite fancy buttons and grab a pair of scissors to start replacing.

First, cut the thread from the original buttons, taking care not to cut the fabric. You should be able to see where the original buttons were sewn on, but mark those spots with a fabric pen or safety pins if you can't.

Then, simply replace the old buttons with your new buttons! Remember, if you want to be able to button the sweater up, you'll need to make sure your new buttons aren't too big or small for the existing buttonholes. If you prefer wearing your sweater unbuttoned, this is less of a concern.

How Will You Use Fancy Buttons?

We hope you've found the DIY clothing makeover you were looking for to refresh your wardrobe! Now, all you need are some fancy buttons and some basic sewing materials to create one-of-a-kind looks.

For more fashion upgrades, take a look at our entire collection at zazaofcanada. On top of our vast fancy button collection, we offer broaches, jewelry, and other vintage staples that are sure to impress!



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In conclusion, fancy buttons are a simple and cost-effective way to elevate your outfit game. Whether you're looking to add a touch of luxury or inject some personality into your wardrobe, there's a button out there for everyone. By swapping out old, boring buttons with unique and stylish ones, you can instantly transform any garment into something special. So why not give it a try? Browse online for inspiration and start dressing up your clothes today!



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