Decorative buttons for pillows

Decorative Buttons for Pillows

Buttons aren’t just for clothing! I love to incorporate them into my home décor – and one of my favorite places to use them is on pillows. It may sound strange, but decorative buttons are a great way to give a plain throw pillow a makeover!

Choosing Decorative Buttons for Pillows

When choosing decorative buttons for your pillow, either flat or shank buttons will work. Keep in mind the color of your pillow and the vibe you are going for. Try to select a color that either matches your pillow or complements it nicely. There is a huge range of buttons out there – so you’ll be able to find one that fits your aesthetic – whether it’s a fancy glass button for an elegant pillow, a wooden button for a earthy feel, or anything in between!

DIY Throw Pillow Ideas with Decorative Buttons

1.     Center Button

For a classic look, try adding a button to the center of your pillow on each side. To do this, use a double layer of thread through the center of the pillow, then thread a button on each side. Make sure to pull the threads tight as you tie your knot to pull the buttons down into the pillow, creating that “poofy” look around the buttons.

2.     Pillow Covered in Buttons

A more eclectic approach is to cover the entire surface of your pillow with buttons. For this look, you might prefer to choose buttons in a range of different colors, sizes, and designs. Then, simply stitch the buttons in rows, or randomly spaced, across the surface of your pillow. You can even add a little rosette of fabric beneath each button to really make the buttons pop!





Do you want to know how to add buttons to the centre of a pillow? Check this cute video from Simply Sewing with Laura.

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