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Red Vintage Glass Buttons

Red Vintage Glass Buttons

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Discover this lovely set of seven red vintage glass buttons, a perfect embellishment for your sewing and craft projects.

These 15mm buttons, textured and shimmery, offer a unique touch to any garment or accessory. Crafted with precision, each button in this lot of 7 boasts a charming orangy-red hue, adding a pop of color and vintage flair to your creations.

🔹 Why Choose These Buttons?

Versatile Use: Ideal for sewing on clothes, crafts, and even as jewelry closures.
Unique Design: Textured and shimmery finish that catches the eye.
Historic Charm: Handmade in the renowned factory of Smrzovka, Czech Republic, these buttons carry a piece of history.
Size Perfect: 15mm diameter buttons are just the right size for a variety of projects.
Condition: In excellent condition, noting one button has a subtle bluish line, adding to their unique vintage charm.
Easy to Apply: Two holes for easy sewing onto your desired items.

🔸 Endless Creative Possibilities:

Fashion Forward: Elevate a shirt collar, flat pocket, cardigan, shirt dress, or tunic.
Accessory Upgrade: Transform a wrap bracelet with a vintage touch.
Craft Projects: A splendid addition to your craft supplies for that vintage vibe.

SHIPPING: Fast and reliable, shipped within one business day post-payment, ensuring you get your buttons swiftly for your next project.

Happy sewing!

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