Fancy buttons, brooches and embellishments are a great, quick, simple and effective way to change a boring outfit into something more modern or vintage, depending on your mood. Buttons are also perfect in decorative bouquets, to add a touch of colour to your home or a touch of sparkle to a festive table.

You don't need to know how to sew or be a fashion designer. There's nothing more simple, versatile and fun than expressing your creativity with fancy buttons, brooches and sparkling, colourful embellishments.
Whether you use them for craft projects, jewelry making, dress sewing, stage costumes or evening wear making, or simply to brighten up your home decor, you'll always love playing with fancy buttons!
Whether new or vintage, large or tiny, simple or with extravagant and flowery shapes, fancy buttons will always attract the attention of your friends.

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Novelty and Fancy buttons

Czech glass buttons

Vintage buttons

Brooches and Pins

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