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Fun acrylic brooch

Fun acrylic brooch

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This is a fun acrylic brooch. 

Even if I'm not sure I can wear it like a traditional brooch on clothing, this brooch pin is the perfect accessory attached to your summer bags or hats. This brooch is made of resin and features a funny girl with yellow hair and big round glasses. The girl's mouth is bright red and nicely drawn. Her outfit is adorable with small hearts and a Peter Pan collar. What's amusing about this brooch is that her earrings also move when it moves. She has heart-shaped earrings, one green and one pink.

The back of this brooch is black. It's made of four layers of layered resin; the jewelry measures 60 mm in length and 40 mm in width. The primary colors of the brooch are yellow, vibrant black, white, red, green, and pink. The inside of the glasses is gray with glitter. This brooch is the perfect gift for someone who loves funky and colorful jewelry. There are plenty of places to attach this whimsical brooch; here are a few examples.

  1. Headband Embellishment: Attach the brooch to a headband for a stylish and eye-catching hair accessory. You can position it on the side, front, or even at the back to add a pop of color and flair to your hairstyle.

  2. Belt Buckle: Use the brooch as a decorative belt buckle. Thread your belt through the pin or loop of the brooch and secure it around your waist. This can instantly transform a plain belt into a statement piece.

  3. Cinch a Scarf: Add a touch of personality to your scarves by using the brooch to cinch them together. Fold your scarf and slide the brooch through the layers to hold them in place. This creates a stylish and functional accessory for chilly days.

  4. Decorate a Clutch: Attach the brooch to the front flap of a clutch or evening bag to instantly elevate its style. It's a fantastic way to transform a plain clutch into a statement piece that complements your outfit.

  5. Personalize a Hat: Pin the brooch onto the band of a sun hat or fedora for a playful and distinctive touch. Whether you're heading to the beach or strolling through the city, this addition will make your hat stand out.


You will receive one acrylic brooch.

Yellow, black, red, green, gray and white.

Made from resin.



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