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Sage Green Shell Buttons

Sage Green Shell Buttons

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Boho Sage Green Shell Buttons with Carved Fish Design - 20 mm, Lot of 50 - Perfect for Jewelry & Decor Projects

Description: Dive into the charm of bohemian style with our unique lot of 50 Boho Sage Green Shell Buttons, each adorned with a beautifully carved fish design. 🐟 Perfect for those who adore beach-inspired aesthetics or wish to add a bohemian touch to their creations. Whether you're crafting jewelry, decorating summer bags or hats, or adding flair to your beach-style decor, these buttons are an ideal choice.

You'll receive a large lot of 50 buttons, providing plenty of scope for numerous projects or for creating coordinated sets of items:
Each button showcases a fish shape, hand-carved and cut by skilled artisans in Bali, making every piece uniquely special.
These buttons are perfect for a variety of projects, from bohemian jewelry to beachy home decor, as well as enhancing bags, hats, and more.
Made from a harmonious blend of sage green resin and white shell, these buttons offer durability along with their aesthetic appeal.
With a 20 mm diameter and two holes for easy attachment, these round buttons are both functional and stylish.

Embrace the bohemian vibe and let your creativity flow with these exquisite shell buttons. They're more than just fasteners; they're a gateway to expressing your unique style and bringing a touch of boho chic to your crafts. Get your set today and start transforming your creative ideas into beautiful realities!

Bring a bit of the ocean's allure to your creations with these enchanting shell buttons!

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