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Zaza of Canada

Vintage necklace with wooden beads

Vintage necklace with wooden beads

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At home in the South of France, I love shopping at the small markets that sell vintage jewelry, and each time, I bring back unique pieces. This is a vintage necklace with wooden beads that you can quickly wear every day.

Each wood bead of the necklace measures approximately 10 mm. The uniqueness of this necklace lies in its three main metal pieces that resemble seashells. The necklace is in excellent condition as I have worn it several times. It is not heavy, easy to wear, and not at all pretentious. It can go perfectly with a bohemian bourgeois style or add a touch of originality to a classic suit. You will love wearing it to a beachside restaurant or over a pareo in the summer. I think it would make the perfect gift as we approach the holiday season. The shell-shaped beads are made of very light metal, and I must admit that I sometimes wonder if they are not made of resin. They measure almost 30 mm in length and width.

You will receive a vintage necklace:
This necklace measures 17 inches from clasp to clasp. It is a little longer than a choker and shorter than a Princess necklace.
Weight: 38 grams.

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Any questions? Don't be shy, ask:)

Thank you for exploring this lovely vintage wood necklace! 

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