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Zaza of Canada

Tiny flower buttons

Tiny flower buttons

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta $25.00 CAD
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Add a charming touch to your crafts with 10 tiny flower buttons in gray and candy pink.

You will receive ten novelty buttons shaped like flowers with gray petals and a candy pink center. These small flowers are made of resin, and the shank is gold-colored metal. There are plenty of delightful projects you'll enjoy creating with these tiny flowers, and I'll provide some examples here.

Shoe Decoration:
Stick the buttons on ballet flats or sneakers for a floral touch.
Customize sandals by adding them to the straps.

Office Accessories:
Add them to paper clips to personalize your documents.
Glue them onto pencil holders for a touch of whimsy.

Notebook and Journal Crafting:
Decorate a notebook cover with these buttons.
Use them to mark page corners in a journal.

Get these fancy novelty buttons today!

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