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Squirrel brooch

Squirrel brooch

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This is a cute and unique squirrel brooch made from resin.

Actually, a lady squirrel because she has a beautiful little orange and black bow on top of her head.

The exciting thing about this brooch is that it's made of resin or acrylic, but the upper body of the lady squirrel has tiny hairs that have been attached. I just noticed this, so the main colors of this brooch are orange, chocolate, and beige.

The squirrel's face is black and beige. The back of the brooch is off-white, leaning towards beige, and the clasp of the pin is silver in color.


This squirrel brooch measures: 45 x 45 mm ( approx.)

Made from resin, acrylic and metal.

This brooch is new, made in China.


There are many ways to use this brooch. I'm sure a creative mind like yours will undoubtedly come up with some; I'll give you five main ideas like this. I'm confident that this brooch will catch all the attention of your friends, even your children. However, although this brooch has a playful shape, I don't recommend it for children under 15, as it's a brooch and not a toy.


Here are five unique places where you can pin a squirrel pin:

  1. Hat or Cap: Pinning an animal brooch on the brim or side of a hat or cap can add a playful and eye-catching element to your headwear.

  2. Handbag or Purse: Attach the brooch to the strap, front, or side of your handbag or purse to accessorize and personalize your bag.

  3. Collar or Lapel: The classic choice, pinning the brooch on the collar or lapel of a jacket, coat, or blouse can instantly draw attention to the piece and add a touch of elegance.

  4. Back of the Heel: If you're looking for a truly unique placement, consider pinning the brooch on the back of your high-heeled shoes. This unexpected location can create an interesting focal point.

  5. Belt or Waistband: Pinning the brooch on a belt or at the waistband of a skirt or pair of pants can create a distinctive waist accent and add flair to your outfit.


Happy shopping!


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