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Zaza of Canada

Red brooches for brooch bouquet

Red brooches for brooch bouquet

Normaalihinta $24.00 USD
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta $24.00 USD
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Set of 10 Cute red brooches for brooch bouquet.

You will receive a lot of 10 small brooches:
Diameter: 32 mm | 1.25 mm
Made with alloy metal and tiny red rhinestones.
Good also for embellishments for sash and belt, decoration of table setting and for the wedding. Very nice gift for crafters.

SHIPPING All orders are shipped within one day of payment being received, except in exceptional circumstances.

Any questions? Do not be shy to ask:)

Thank you for exploring these lovely lot of 10 brooches for making a red brooch bouquet!

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